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AT&T HTC One running leaked version of Android 4.3 plus new Sense

Sure to be a relief to most HTC device users, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer seems to have kept its promise of a speedy update to its top devices. Seen here is a leaked version of HTC's Sense UI paired with Android 4.3 on an AT&T branded HTC One. Our own moderator team leader, Kevin O'Quinn, has the scoop. 

I haven't come across any deal breaking bugs, or bugs at all. I've tested BT, wifi, NFC, etc. Everything works as well as we would expect.

While he is still experimenting with this latest software, he appears to feel very certain of it's fluidity, for a leaked version at least. More time will tell for certain. Want to give it a try on your AT&T One? For the time being, an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery is needed to flash this baby, but if you meet that criteria, feel free to join us in the forums and let us know how it's running for you! A hands-on video of this beauty in action can also been seen at the forum link above.

No word yet on suspected release dates from the carriers, but as Kevin also has to say:

 If this is indeed the same as what's going to go out OTA when it finally drops I think everyone will be very happy.

The upcoming months hint at satisfaction as we all anxiously await this official update. In the mean time, we can only hope the carriers show the same urgency as HTC when releasing the OTA. That means you, Verizon.

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Android 4.3 update leaked for AT&T HTC One


Unfortunately, we dont have a time frame for the official release. This is just a Rom built from a leak. HTC guarenteed it would be out of their cluches by the end of September, the rest is up to the carriers.

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This is the dumbest comment ever. Paying the ETF doesn't unlock the phone. Duh.

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*You're. Sorry dude. I'm hitlers right hand man.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

Sorry, JC, as a fellow Brave fan, it's "you're", as in "you are so missing..."!

Either way, Chop On!!! :)

Braking news: Android Central has a female writer! Welcome! And nice start.

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I'm running this, too. Working great... and battery life and radio improvements are outstanding.

I don't know. I don't have the problem and haven't yet upgraded the firmware. Only installed the ROM in recovery and have also flashed the radios.

It is software because I heard in some apps it doesn't matters meaning it can be fixed with better software.

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I saw an image of the changelog and apparently it does address the camera issue with contrast in low light conditions.

The galaxy s3 had the same rampant problem when first released you can see the pics and videos on YouTube but a software patch was able to fix it for most people so let's hope that it fixes anybody that has this issue. My wife's Rogers HTC onedoes not have it and she takes a lot of pictures and zoes

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Didn't the purple haze issue only start with 4.2? Or was it always there even in 4.1.2? Mine doesn't have it at this point either, but I'm still on 4.1.2. I hope with the update it doesn't start doing it. If it does, what kind of recourse would we have?

A lot of people are saying it started with 4.2, but a lot are also saying it started after using hdr. I've backtracked to 4.1 and the previous firmware, but the problem stayed. So once you have it, it ain't leaving. Hopefully the update works, but if it doesn't, HTC has a big problem, especially since they leaned heavily on the camera in their advertisements.

Just wanted to say welcome to Jennifer and that it is great to see HTC learning and fixing the mistakes of the past

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The newest base is 3.17. Running it on InsertCoin Rom On my T-Mobile HTC One. No problems. And the official Rom is already released in Taiwan. Canada is next.

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You can keep an eye on the developers for your carrier, but chances are they wouldn't be complete ports or the data wouldn't work very well. Especially coming from gsm to cdma,.

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If this reaches AT&T this quickly, that will really set a new standard for software updates. This is usually many months away.

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Jennifer, I miss your posts in the Droid DNA home screen screenshot thread! You always had the most creative and different designs.

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Ironically, the only app that gives me trouble after loading the leak is the Android Central app. It crashes all the time and the widget refuses to update.

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So, Anyone Else Want to Know WTF the "N" Icon on the status bar is all about?
Already Another thing I DO NOT LIKE Is that the "Speak" App Automatically Starts when in Car Mode.