Following up on the IDC report earlier today that showed 75-percent of all smartphones shipped in Q3 ran Android, Google has now released their monthly platform version numbers. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich saw a little movement and now sits at 25.8-percent while Android 4.1 Jelly Bean saw a jump from 1.8-percent going up to 2.7-percent. From here on out, we'll continue to see Jelly Bean rise especially with Samsung steadily rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Globally.

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2.7 percent of Android devices now run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


This is pitiful. If Apple can guarantee faster updates without a hitch, Google should be able to do the same. The main reason why I'll be ditching my S3 for the Nexus 4. I'm sick of waiting for Jelly Bean!

You know that there are other factors than just Google releasing the update, right? OEM's need to skin android and then release them to carriers. Then the carriers test the updates to make sure everything works. Then finally the consumers receive the update. Its a long process. If its just strictly Nexus devices, Google keeps them on point.

Google devices are guaranteed faster up dates.

Your S3 and anything that is not a Nexus is simply Android-Based and is not guaranteed anything.

Apple doesn't guarantee anything. They have in the past offered some of the features of their newest operating system to older phones, but always choose to hold some features back. An original 2007 iPhone isn't getting iOS6, to say the least. Historically, Apple has offered one free large upgrade per phone, then greatly reduces future upgrades from there if it offers any at all.

I'm on a GS3 with Sprint and just got the JB update. It's been great so far! ;-)

And I'm not even embarrassed in this political season to say "I'm in the 2.7%!" LOL!

I can't tell from the tone of the article if they think this is a good thing or a concern.

It's a concern. 75% of the phones out there aren't even running the old OS. There have been a few iterations of jelly bean, and less than 3% of the phones run it.

I wish we would start to see numbers that don't include the Kindle or Nook, or any non phone. Same thing when they talk about weekly activations.


I'm ready for Google to find a way to separate the core OS from the OEM skin or whatever you want to call that horrible overlay.

Honestly....OEMs should be using advanced launchers like Nova. This would cut R&D funds and save them tons of money. Oh we'll...

But OS and "Skins" are already seperated, all OEM androids are the same just have diffrent applications and each diffrently configured kernel as Linux kernel is one that have drivers, which need to be sone in stock android too anyway.

Speaking of which ARM hardware manufactures messed up with ARM code in Linux kernel, that unlike x86, Linux kernel can be only complied for one platform at once. Just in yet to be relesed Linux 3.7 it will be possible to compile kernel for more platfroms.

If you include that PDK plan to this things might get better

Google needs to cut the shit with OEMs. It's so pathetic seeing how low the % of phones JB is actually on and the length of time that JB has been out. Google needs to tell these ****ers that this is not acceptable. I see why people hate on Android so much and the shitty amount of updates we receive, many of which include bug fixes for glitchy devices. I have been Android since the OG Droid and have no intentions on switching, yet, but this is a HUGE issue and an enormous negative aspect of Android. And don't give me the lecture "Get a Nexus Device, Solved" or the "Root and ROM, Solved" On VZW and had the Nexus, what a piece of crap device that was.

Of the 4 Android devices currently in use in my house, 3 of them have JellyBean ROMs on them courtesy of the Android communities at XDA and Rootzwiki. I have a Fascinate and an Incredible and an Incredible 2 all running AOKP Jelly Bean ROMs. The other phone is a Galaxy Proclaim on Straight Talk that as soon as we find a way to root it, I'm sure we will be able to update it to at least ICS if not JB.

The majority of the people I know don't know and don't give a shit about OS updates, as long as their phone works, they are happy.

Is this global numbers or USA numbers? Id like to see a graph comparing USA android OS vs global US android OS penetration. I would believe GB is on most devices globally because of all the global mid range devices that were never meant to be updated.

Ok there is a solution to this slow adoption.

1, The Android team stops adding new inventions to stock vanilla for a year and develops a complete OS. When I say complete I mean that when I add my facebook account my friends images should be included in high resolution if I choose to do so.
When I tap the clock on my desktop I should get a stop watch, timer and an alarm not just an alarm on its own. There are many more little things that Samsung and HTC do not forget about and it baffles me that Google does. Regardless of what Google may say to cover up the absence of these standard features (Like... the market has developers who've made stopwatches and timers)every single dumb phone had these features and the average consumer will scratch there head in confusion when they realise they aren't part of the phone as standard. This needs to end!

2, Once the above is done the manufactures wants and needs would and should be satisfied by apps which they should create. If this isn't possible and the integration they want isn't possible then Android as a platform isn't worth developing for. I'm sure developers want to achieve full control of these devices to push the boundaries so once again this would be nothing but a positive step.


I know I make it sound like a walk in the park but the world has changed and no one is changing there phones as much as they used to so simply relying on progression and peoples phones to die won't cut it.

It's hard to believe that so many android users are still using ginger bread and with that in mind IOS would look like the future to them so the chances of them switching is higher than it should be.

This could also be another factor that would explain the grow of apple up take in the US.

Do something about it Google/Android before its too late

Yeah, when companies diversify their products too much they get soft. I'd rather they focus their efforts on having a wizbang OS and then we'll go from there with the community.

This is active devices too, amazing that people are still using some of those older versions (cupcake-froyo).

From a developer stand point, what is the difference between 2.x and 4.x? Are there many features that developers would like to use on 4.x that isn't available for them on 2.x?

It hurts me to see that still more than 50% of the Android devices are running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This is because the manufacturers and in a lot of countries the carriers are only thinking about their money and want the customer buys a new device in stead of upgrading an older device. In the country where I live it's only about the manufacturer because it's prohibited to lock a device to one carrier.

Google is also missing a big way of promoting their amazing Nexus phones. If they change the Google logo on their homepage to a Nexus or Android logo - the same way they do it with a special birthday - when a new Nexus device or Android version is or will be released, everyone will know their is coming an amaing Android smartphone with great strengths. Because Google Search is the most used search-engine in the world, even by Apple and Windows users.

This will be a FREE and easy way to promote your Nexus devices Google!