Injuries as attendees try to shoot down balloons with BB guns for free smartphone

In a less than ideal start to LG's marketing efforts for its new G2 smartphone, 20 people were injured at a recent promotional event in South Korea. According to the Korea Times, the event in Seoul saw balloons filled with coupons redeemable for a free LG G2 released into the air. But LG's plans backfired when some individuals brandishing BB guns attempted to shoot down the balloons, leading to a reported 20 attendees being inadvertently shot.

The newspaper quotes a Korean blogger who criticizes LG's security arrangements for the "G in the Cloud" event, saying only 20 security guards were present for the heavily-promoted function.

According to the report, LG has apologized to the injured and said it'll cover their medical costs. Similar events planned around Korea have since been canceled "due to safety concerns."

Source: The Korea Times; via: Engadget; Video via: Android Beat

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Any publicity is good publicity... But BAD publicity is the BEST publicity... (wrt coverage)


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sebianoti says:

I think we can all agree on blaming people on this, and not LG. Who would have thought people were this retarded.

atlas9171 says:

I think anybody paying half attention to human behavior the last 50 years would have thought people are this retarded. The fact that do nothings Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are celebrities who had tv shows should be enough to prove that.

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Them and the worthless posers from Jersey Shore.

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You people need to lay off Paris Hilton. She might not be able to act but she is a business woman making millions. Her family ran a hotel empire. The second biggest hotel chain in the world. Sure we found out about her from her sex tape but come on who hasn't made a sex tape.

-IRON- says:

Yeah but if she wasn't born into money she would have probably ended up being a prostitute

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NoNexus says:

Your aiming to high

Crack whore

I still think that's... "Too high"

Buh dum tss!

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Eric Tang says:

I laughed so hard when I was watching this!!!!

snowdroid83 says:

Stupid, just stupid.

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vic_singh says:

Where it's the video?

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icebike says:

Probably blocked by your script blocker.
I had to turn it off to see the video.

The QR code in the video goes to this site:
Anyone know what it says?

Gekko says:

where's the blood?

MonkeyNews says:

At least they afford to foot the bill. Still, I'd happily give this a go. What's losing an eye when you can get a brand new smartphone!

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tcmeiss says:

I know about 15 words in Korean, but I'm pretty sure he calls LG fans zombies. What with the "World War G" poster and all... :)

overfloater says:

I'm not sure whether to be disturbed or impressed that one of the 15 words you know is "zombie"...!


Free phones for everyone that was injured for the next 10 years I bet.

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troshs says:

Yep. I bet people were like, "Don't bother with the huge hole in my arm, I can take care of that. Just throw me a free phone and I'll be set." :-D

VDub2174 says:

Please tell me the people using the BB guns were charged with something. I 100% blame them, not LG.

SAVJR says:

Who really gives a fuck!

droid83 says:

LG is not there yet with Samsung when it come to stuntin. Live and learn. Now walk it off

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Dave Clark says:

Medical costs and a free G2 I hope...

It might have been the people but LG should have made sure the area was secure.

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eahinrichsen says:

Totally misinterpreted the headline. At first, I thought that LG had people shooting at balloons as part of the promotion. I was like "When did South Korea turn into Texas?"

TheNexxuvas says:

You've obviuosly never been to Texas nor know much about the state then. Generalize much asshat?

Hit a soft spot there eh?

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nickacs says:

HAHAHAHA yeee haww mofos!

ConTejas says:

Dey turk r jobz!!!!

-IRON- says:

D' ta err jbs

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NoNexus says:

nah. If this were the Texas Taliban they would have had 3 guns a piece, a parking lot full of trucks with confederate flags 'n bibles.


Chiplg says:

I'm from Texas, my first thought was shotguns!

tx_tuff says:

Come on man, Texans would not waste their time with BB guns LOL

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spgiva says:

This is what I thought initially to. I was thinking that it was pretty lucky that only 20 people got hurt if they were arming a crowd of people and telling them to shoot at radom floating balloons.

People + BB guns = stupid disaster waiting to happen. I'm still pissed at the unknown irresponsible individual(s) who used BB guns shooting at cars randomly and shattered a window of my girl's car over the weekend.

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Steve G#AC says:

As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Nechasin says:

They can and they do. I've seen it and it was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. Especially since it took off like an overloaded airplane and barely cleared the powerlines.

troshs says:

I'll second that. The one that I've seen took off at the top of a hill with a huge pond below and almost went into the water before it finally got its fat ass into the air. XD

skyboxer says:

Not just balloons going over heads I guess. I loved that show, and that episode was one of the best.

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vic6string says:

You beat me to the joke, but it looks like we are the only two geezers who remember it. WKRP FTW!

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NoNexus says:

Took me a minute to remember where that was from...

For those that don't know

WKRP fan...

nickacs says:

LOL weee, let's go target shootin' ma! F hittin balloons, let's shoot some people! Weeeee

jwyche007 says:

*facepalm* goddamnit LG

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overfloater says:

A few South Koreans trying just a *little* too hard to be like Americans.

shkim698 says:

desperate people take desperate measures and winge about it when they don't

rap1 says:

I noticed you tube has a beta translate close caption feature and tried to use that with the video. FAIL! but made for some humorous reading.

a3uge says:

In all honesty, this would never happen in the US. The US is WAY too litigious for an HR team to approve or create something like this. Here in the US, LG would worry about people suing for providing coffee that is too hot for the event, let alone running around with rocks and BB guns to pop balloons.

BB guns should be banned.

That being said, why did people have BB guns there to begin with? And why were they allowed in with BB guns?

This is why we can't have nice things.

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ak110707 says:

whoop em gangnam style!!!

hitsmanj says:

Bump the bb guns, chick had a SPEAR!!!

StoneRyno says:

I don't get it. I watched the video twice but I'm not seeing people get injured. I didn't even see them show people with bb guns shooting. I did see the lady with the homemade spear which i thought is rather silly unless you are right next to the balloons before they released them and got one before it was detached from the ground. I expected to see people fall to the ground writhing in pain or something like they were seriously injured. Instead I'm thinking hmm did they get paper cuts and they are talking like oh my gosh 20 people injured.