Galaxy Fucking Note

From Craigslist Toronto. (via Chris Pirillo)

I didn't even know they talked like that in Canada.

Hit the link above, then scroll down. It gets better.

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"I didn't even know they talked like that in Canada." <---- Ahahahaa

jdavet says:

I think he migrated from New York!

benthe1 says:

The listing has been flagged for removal. Glad you caught it before it was flagged. Lol.

ithinkimjoe says:

easily the greatest thing i've seen today lol

MForce76 says:

your right it does get better..! hehe

secano says:


vansmack says:

But where is the headphone jack?

motoGEEKer says:

good call... Cana-duhhhfuq?!?!?

bdmridgback says:

I think that guy moved to Canada from Detroit!

Rob White says:

He really wants to sell that F***king Galaxy Note doesn't he?

ryanf says:

Flagged for removal :( Anybody get a screenshot?

droidman0922 says:

Yep, got the same thing. Would love a screenshot as well!

m00rb says:

+1 I didn't even know they talked like that in Canada.

Also dear god I hope someone can get the rest of it cause I would love to read it.

Can't wait for my Galaxy Fucking Note 2 lol.

drhere says:

Someone posted this on is the ad.

GalaxyNole says:

He's probably selling it to get the Nexus Fucking 10.

The Sim says:


BruhMan says:

It amuses me that many think the way to emphasize a point is to saturate it with profanity. I seem to remember being taught that the use of such 4 letter word whiskers, was due to a lack of intelligence.

worknman says:

Actually, the exact opposite is true. The 'f word' is probably the most versatile word in the English language:

Arty Marty says:

and..... it's gone.

svenEDGE says:

I just laughed my ass off. Thank your for the laugh. The graphic of all the huge things next to the galaxy almost made me die.

ChromeJob says:

"GeneralTheDestroyer,[1] I found your long lost twin brother...."

[1] YouTube Nokia shill, and Android hater.

SkinsFan1987 says:

That ad was hysterical!

I could see this as an actual European ad! LOL