ZTE announces the Axon Phone, Axon Watch, and Spro 2 Smart Projector for China

ZTE has launched a set of new devices in China: the Axon Phone, Axon Watch, and Spro 2 Smart Projector.

The company says that the Axon Phone for China is similar to the model announced for the US, though with additional features specifically for China. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner. The 32GB version of the Axon Phone costs 2,699RMB, while the 128GB version costs 3,888RMB, and both models can be pre-ordered now.

The Axon Watch is a brand-new wearable that features a 1.4-inch display, made from Gorilla Glass with a sapphire coating. The watch has been given an IP67 water resistance certification, and runs on a 300mAh battery. It supports Bluetooth 4.1, and contains 4GB of storage. No pricing has been announced for the Axon Watch.

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Finally, the Spro 2 Smart Projector, previously launched on AT&T and Verizon in the US, is making its Chinese debut. It comes with a built-in mobile hotspot and a five-inch Android-powered touchscreen. The Spro 2 will be priced at 3,699RMB.

Press release:

ZTE Launches Flagship Axon Phone, Axon Watch and Spro 2 Smart Projector in China

ZTE Axon phone for China is the world's first smartphone to feature three different biometric authentication options

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ZTE, a leading global mobile device maker, today launched its flagship Axon phone for the China market at the Water Cube in Beijing. Together with this announcement came the unveiling of a brand new wearable called the Axon Watch, as well as the China debut of the Spro 2 smart projector.

"CGS (Continuous Grain Silicon) TFT LCD, 2.5D curved display."

"Today's launch marks a significant new chapter in product development for ZTE, and the three devices launched today are results of our ongoing commitment to becoming more consumer-centric in the global market," said Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Device. "Following its U.S. debut last week, we are excited to bring our first ever global flagship to China – a market where our aim is to return to being a top-three smartphone vendor within the next three years."

ZTE Axon phone

The Axon phone for China comes with the same premium design as the version recently launched in the U.S., but includes a number of additional features for the China market.

In terms of hardware, the Axon phone for China comes with a fingerprint scanner, dual-SIM support, 128GB of internal memory (expandable to 256GB), and Corning's Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass.

On the software side, the device is loaded with the latest rendition of ZTE's customizable user interface MiFavor 3.2, as well as ZTE's innovative voice control solution. This latest iteration of ZTE's Smart Voice supports voice translation for English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), as well as a host of other new voice control functions, including voice SMS and voice search.

The Axon phone for China is also the world's first smartphone that can be unlocked with three different biometric authentication options: fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan, making it one of the most secure smartphones available on the market. In addition to unlocking the device, the Axon phone's fingerprint scanner also offers support for NFC payments.

The Axon phone will be available for pre-order in China on July 21 via ZTE's online store at http://m.myzte.com/act/axon and JD.com. Two Axon phone versions are available: 128GB for 3,888RMB and 32GB for 2,699RMB with two color options: Ion Gold and Chromium Silver. A ZTE Axon Mini version will also be made available in the near future.

ZTE Axon Watch

The Axon Watch features a 1.4-inch Gorilla Glass screen with sapphire coating and is IP67 certified. It comes with a 300 mAh battery, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB storage and Bluetooth 4.1. Developed by ZTE and Tencent, the smart watch runs on Tencent OS and supports both voice and gesture control.

In terms of functions, the Axon Watch can be used for both fitness and health monitoring, and supports a range of other applications, from phone calls to messaging.

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector

Previously launched in the U.S. on AT&T and Verizon, the Spro 2 is a portable Smart Projector that also includes mobile hotspot features and a built-in 5-inch Android™ touchscreen.

For its China debut, ZTE has added its innovative voice control solution to the Spro 2, allowing users hands-free control over the smart projector. Users can simply say "projector on" in Mandarin to activate the device and can control the device using a number of other voice commands.

The Spro 2 Smart Projector will be priced at 3699 RMB in China and will also be available for pre-order from July 21 via ZTE's online store at http://www.myzte.com/6934933090095.html.