ASUS from the start was named as an Android Wear partner. It wasn't the first to release a smartwatch, but it might well have the best of the bunch. The ZenWatch is definitely in the square category, but we'd also go so far as to say it's got a bit of hybrid feel do it, since the body is so nicely rounded. (But it's definitely not the round smartwatch category.)

The ZenWatch sports a 1.63-inch AMOLED display at 320x320 resolution with a stainless steel body. The extended lugs make it easy to remove the included leather strap and swap it out for something different, but ASUS has given you a pretty nice band by default.

The ZenWatch has been updated to Android 5.x, so it's running the latest version of Android Wear. There's a little bit of bloatware on board, with some apps duplicated. But the biggest change is that the heart-rate sensor is on the front of the watch, and you have to place your fingers on it to get a reading. That means you actually have to put a little work into it (albeit a bare two-finger minimum) instead of just letting the watch rest on your wrist. Regardless, it hasn't made us want to check our heart rate any more frequently than we already are — which is to say, never.

All in all, the ZenWatch — which retails for $199 — is just about the best looking (and feeling) Android smartwatch you can buy.