Your favorite Android Twitter clients

We asked for your favorite Android Twitter client, and you answered. Boy, did you ever answer. So, after wading through more than 300 responses, here are your five favorite apps that keep you tweeting all day long.

No. 1: Seesmic

Seesmic for Android

Easily the winner among AndroidCentral readers, Seesmic has long been a top name for Twitter clients, be it for desktop or mobile. With the Android application, you get support for multiple accounts, and all the bells and whistles you'd expect to find in a top-shelf Twitter client. Photo, video and geolocation is all support, as are Twitter searches and lists, all wrapped up in an attractive and easy-to-use application. Free. [Market link]

Honorable Mention: Twidroid

Twidroid Pro

Somebody had to be second, and that somebody is Twidroid, another longtime staple on many Android phones. Twidroid also has as many bells and whistles as just about any other Twitter client out there. And it makes navigating the application extremely easy. If you're rocking multiple Twitter accounts, replies, mentions and DMs are all accessible in a single stream, and you simply swipe left and right to move between them, and the separate accounts. Twidroid: Free [Market link]. Twidroid Pro: ~$4.60 [Market link]

Honorable mention: TweetCaster


One of the newer players, Handmark's TweetCaster application quickly became a favorite among Android users. It's still in its infancy and has room to grow, but it combines a functional platform with a very attractive user interface. TweetCaster: Free [Market link]. TweetCaster Pro: $4.99 [Market link]

 Honorable mention: Touiteur


Another newbie that has quickly gained popularity, Touiteur brings a straight-up basic interface -- which many of us prefer -- and has a number of widgets that take the tweets from the app and onto your home screen. Touiteur: Free [Market link]. Touiteur Premium: ~$2.72 [Market link]

Honorable mention: HTC's Peep


Peep is HTC's built-in Twitter client that comes standard on phones with the Sense user interface. It's a pretty no-frills app, but it gets the job done. Peep may see some competition from within HTC's own new "Friend Stream" feature, which is included in the new version of Sense. Free

Phil Nickinson