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Your favorite Android Twitter clients

We asked for your favorite Android Twitter client, and you answered. Boy, did you ever answer. So, after wading through more than 300 responses, here are your five favorite apps that keep you tweeting all day long.

No. 1: Seesmic

Seesmic for Android

Easily the winner among AndroidCentral readers, Seesmic has long been a top name for Twitter clients, be it for desktop or mobile. With the Android application, you get support for multiple accounts, and all the bells and whistles you'd expect to find in a top-shelf Twitter client. Photo, video and geolocation is all support, as are Twitter searches and lists, all wrapped up in an attractive and easy-to-use application. Free. [Market link]

Honorable Mention: Twidroid

Twidroid Pro

Somebody had to be second, and that somebody is Twidroid, another longtime staple on many Android phones. Twidroid also has as many bells and whistles as just about any other Twitter client out there. And it makes navigating the application extremely easy. If you're rocking multiple Twitter accounts, replies, mentions and DMs are all accessible in a single stream, and you simply swipe left and right to move between them, and the separate accounts. Twidroid: Free [Market link]. Twidroid Pro: ~$4.60 [Market link]

Honorable mention: TweetCaster


One of the newer players, Handmark's TweetCaster application quickly became a favorite among Android users. It's still in its infancy and has room to grow, but it combines a functional platform with a very attractive user interface. TweetCaster: Free [Market link]. TweetCaster Pro: $4.99 [Market link]

 Honorable mention: Touiteur


Another newbie that has quickly gained popularity, Touiteur brings a straight-up basic interface -- which many of us prefer -- and has a number of widgets that take the tweets from the app and onto your home screen. Touiteur: Free [Market link]. Touiteur Premium: ~$2.72 [Market link]

Honorable mention: HTC's Peep


Peep is HTC's built-in Twitter client that comes standard on phones with the Sense user interface. It's a pretty no-frills app, but it gets the job done. Peep may see some competition from within HTC's own new "Friend Stream" feature, which is included in the new version of Sense. Free

  • I don't see how anyone could seriously view Seesmic as 1 of the best twitter apps for Android. Not only were they late to the party but they took too long to offer support for multiple accounts. And don't even get me started on the ugly color combinations, the fact that you can't see the full tweet, multiple steps to do what should only take 1, no combined view for multiple accounts, etc, etc. At best it only rates a passing mention in my book. Twidroid easily takes the crown in my humble opinion. Updates for it come fast and furiously, it has all the functionality that any power user could ever want, it has a choice of widgets, and the devs are very responsive to user input/requests. #twidroidftw
  • Too bad they break it every other release. I finally had to quit using it rather than do my own version tracking.
  • Since this "poll" was for *now*, I'm not sure the relevance of statements about them being "late to the party" and taking "too long to offer support for multiple accounts". It does now, and that's when the poll was/is. That's the good thing about opinions and choice. Everyone has their own.
  • What points are you trying to make? Even though it came to the party little late, although it didn't support multiple accounts, and all, they updated and fixed it. It is users preference just like I don't see how you could seriously not view Seesmic as 1.
    It was a poll and people chose Seesmic.
  • Couldn't agree with u more #teamtwidroid (which I'm embarrased to amdit I thought was twitdroid all this time lmao)
  • Twidroid should be # 1
  • twicca should be number 1 it is the best twitter client out there..
  • Thank-YOU!
  • I've tried the top 2 on this list, but I kinda dig Swift. Simple, doesn't crash all the time.
  • I Luve Touiteur!
  • Second that! Love the customization and it looks great! Dev is constantly working on improvements.
  • Diggin twigee and hootsuite at the moment!
  • +1 for Twicca
  • Twicca is is deff #1
  • Yeah, I'll try Seesmic. Tired of updating Twitdroid every other day!
  • swift.
  • 1. Twidroid Pro
    2. Seismic
    3. Swift
    4. Twit2Go I could never get Hootsuite to work. Have to try Twicca, although I've already purchased the pro version of Twidroid - at the time, they were the only multi-account app.
  • How can anyone say twidroid is the beat when it closes itself literally every other time I open it?!?! I even tried buying the pro version to hopefully get a more stable app. Finally gave up and went with tweetcaster free edition. MUCH BETTER!!!
  • Are there any good Android twitter clients that have a feature like TweetDeck where you can sync your phone & desk/laptop twitter accounts? I love being able to read tweets on my phone when I'm out. I do a lot of reading at home on my laptop though and it gets tedious filtering out the batches of tweets I read earlier on the phone. Any suggestions? btw - Twidroid ftw (so far...)
  • It's too bad Hootsuite was late to the party!
  • Too bad Hootsuite even showed up at the party. Don't mind me...on a crusade against browser hijack malware links
  • Their urls my "hijack" the browser, but they are not malware.
  • where is twicca? Dont see it in the market?
  • only runs on 1.6 and higher..Stuck on 1.5
  • by far it should be Twicca .... and I have used them all and even paid for Twidroid Pro
  • HootSuite beats them all hands-down.
  • Never managed to get Seesmic or Hootsuite working on my DEXT (CLIQ). Who won the 16gig card?!
  • yeah, who won the card??? haha
  • it would be nice if we could get peep on non sense roms
  • I'm a huge fan of Touiteur. I've tried all the apps listed (except HTC Peep) and stuck with Touiteur.
  • Touiteur should have won. Seesmic looks like an old windows 3.1 program with a minimal feature set compared to Touiteur. Twidroid was good to me, but was always breaking, was bloated in size, and slow for me. Granted that may have changed...but I really have no reason to go back and give it another try. Twicca is a very very close second to Touiteur for me I love the simple UI.
  • twicca no. 1 by far, hands down
  • Seesmic isn't even top 3 for me.
    On Seesmics first release, the simple fact that when you hit reply to a tweet that was a reply to you, you were presented with a menu of who you would like to reply to, including yourself! Terrible. OK that's been fixed now I think but as others have pointed out, there are just too many clicks to do simple tasks and it doesn't do that many tasks anyway. They have a ways to go with this, and I'm surprised about that. I'm sure it's fine for more casual users. Twidroid seems to remain buggy on the Nexus One and that's what keeps me away from that. Otherwise that's my number 2. Tweetcaster looks like a highschool project. It's garish and sloppily designed. The speech bubble style of displaying a tweet uses too much real estate. I don't know why any client would use the speech bubble display on a tiny screen, the space is too valuable. Maybe some people find it cute. Touiteur I've used briefly and certainly shows promise. But the stage it's at now keeps me away. TWICCA. USE TWICCA! I keep falling back to this app over and over.
    The UI is simple and clean (and black, which I prefer (saves battery too)). You can choose the font size, so set on small you can get a lot more on screen than most clients. It has options galore and integrates with other services well. The options are presented in a menu that doesn't overtake the screen that every other client seems to do, so you don't have a lot of scrolling to do. It does have it's problems though. Most significantly to me, it doesn't auto-correct miss-spelled words. The pop-up for suggested words/spellings appears on the Nexus One, but no auto-correct, which is odd. Secondly, no multiple account support. No integrated browser/image preview. And lastly, it appears to be a Japanese developed app. Not that that's a bad thing but I'm not sure what devices they get to test on out there (no Nexus One probably), and there's no English language support that I have found. However, this Twicca is being updated all the time... a few times a week sometimes. One major update recently introduced autocomplete on usernames, which I've not seen work well on other clients that actually have this feature (Twidroid). I can live with Twicca's shortcomings as it excels in the other areas so much. Try Twicca folks.
  • Swift should've been an honorable mention too. I used it the most when I had my MyTouch 3G, it was simple & great. I used Seesmic too, but it wouldn't load my profile, so I stopped using it. The, went back to it on my new Motorola Cliq, & it works well
  • Um - who actually won the goodies?
  • An app I just found that no one has mentioned is Twidget. It is very bare bones but has an excellent widget and the main app pops up instantly. For all the features I want I keep Twidroid around, but to check my feed fast it's all about Twidget for me.
  • Twicca!! Bought Twidroid Pro - deleted
    Tried Seesmic, nice but no longer use Twicca wins fot the same reasons that Richard mentioned, If only there was an an Android version of Echofon - that's what I used on my iPhone, now that was a good client.
  • I'm a Twidroid fan.
  • Who knows?