Your Droid Incredible questions

Despite our seemingly endless coverage of the Verizon Droid Incredible, you guys and gals have had plenty of questions. And most of them were pretty good. After the break, we answer a smattering of them.

Might sound awkward ... But, how does the phone feel in the pocket? - Kentoe

Um, just fine. And, yeah, that was a little awkward. Next time buy me dinner first.

Can the Sense UI be disabled similarly to the Desire? - purevenge

Eh, look. here's where we stand on this. If you buy the Droid Incredible, you're buying a Sense device. If you just have to get rid of Sense, wait until the thing's rooted and ROM'd and do it right. Don't go trying to kill essential parts of the OS.

Besides the earpiece, are there any other red accents on the front of the phone? - slinky317

Nope. As *cough* illustrated in our review. :p

When would you estimate that the Incredible would be replaced?
I'm wondering this because I'm unsure whether or not to upgrade my plan, go on a 3-month provisional period, and then grab the phone. - Scopic

Fair question, and it's one we're going to have to deal with from now until the end of tech time. Something better is always coming out. But we feel the Droid Incredible should last you quite a while.

Is there noise cancellation? Is the speakerphone better than Nexus One? - rvinny

There's no second microphone like on the Nexus One or the Motorola Droid. The speakerphone is better than the N1's. It's louder and has a fuller sound.

I'm curious what you think about the feel of the phone. One reviewer commented that the phone felt much lighter than others (Droid, Nexus One) and felt "plasticky." I'd like to get your general impression on how substantial the phone feels. - matthewdlyons

Feels just fine to me. It's not cold and metallic like the Motorola Droid, but it hardly feels cheap.

Do you think a screen protector (Zagg) would be a good idea? - eazid

Do you work for Zagg? lol. Personally, I'm not big on 'em. But they certainly can't hurt.

How loud/clear are the phone's ringers? How strong is the phone's vibrating function? - tourstagefan

Good and good.

When texting or inputting any info can i use the keyboard in both portrait and landscape? like i can with my Storm? - NIKSTORM

Yes. And unlike your Storm, you don't have to press the screen halfway through the device. Try not to break yours, m'kay? :p

Does the phone walk on water? - Goodness

Probably could, yeah. (Or at least skip its way across.)

Does the HTC Desk Clock App also work in landscape mode or only in portrait? - Buckaroo Banzai

When it's in its screen saver-type mode, yeah.

How are the four "buttons" (home-search-etc.). I no the N1 was having problems getting these right, do you find urself having any trouble with these on the Incredible? - TheWay92

Nope. None of the accuracy issues we've seen on the N1.

Does Google Voice dial out? Reason I ask is because the most recent update to the Google Voice app broke dialing out on the leaked versions of 2.1 w/ Sense for the Eris. - davbak

Works just fine for me.

Will the Incredible be receiving updates from Google or Verizon? It says on the Verizon website that it'll receive updates from Google. Last question, will the incredible have the desktop dock like the N1? - ncc

Won't really know until we get one an update. But it'll have to be approved by Verizon no matter what. Like the Nexus One's dock? Whatever it has will be different as there aren't any external battery contacts.

Can I use the Incredible's native e.mail app to associate the phone with a Google Apps e.mail account (ie, NOT a Gmail account)? - hubdju

Absolutely. It's how I do my work e-mail. Works just fine for e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc.

Will I be able to use it with WIFI before activating it with Verizon? That way I could test out many of the features and get my Exchange email working, etc. before saying the final goodbyes to my Palm Centro. Has anyone been able to something similar with previous phones? - droidme

Yep. Google the shortcut to bypass activation. :)

How, if at all, does the phone integrate with Picasa? Will my albums from Picasa automatically show on my phone or is there an integrated Widget that allows an easy view? - Limjelo

Not out of the box. Sense syncs with Flickr.

Can non-market place apps be installed without having to root, or is this locked down by Verizon? - draken

Not locked down. You're good.

Will the Incredible be able to view and/or edit word documents, excel sheets, pdf's etc?? - kohlrabi

Yes. Quickoffice is on the Incredible. (As *cough* mentioned in our review.)

For those that have received their phones early or anyone else comment just how "plasticky" the incredible feels. Can anyone confirm there are no metal charging pins ANYWHERE on the side of the phone? - itch808

See above on the plastic part. And, no, there are no metal charging pins. (As *cough* illustrated in our review.)

With the different "scenes" set up, can you customize the ringtones and sound profiles or just the visual makeup? i.e. can I have different ringtones and message notification profiles for "work" "social" "play" and "travel" in the same way I can change the appearance of the Ul? - shepditch

Nope. It just affects the home screens and what's displayed.

Does anyone know what kind of charger the Incredible will be using. I know it says micro USB, but if you look closely at the port, it look different from the micro USB i'm used to on a blackberry storm for instance. - gordo0427

It says microUSB because it is microUSB. Yeah, it does look a tad different. And that may well be for some TV out adapter. I haven't even used the charger than came with it, actually, so you're probably good with whatever you have laying around.

What about the car dock? Does the Incredible (I'm calling it that because on the pre-order confirmation page I have it's referred to the Incredible, not DROID Incredible) fit into the N1's car dock? - sklemp

Nope. The Nexus One's car dock is for the Nexus One.

Phil Nickinson