Yahoo to block sign-in via Facebook and Google ID

Gradual change will force users to sign up for a proper Yahoo ID to use services like Flickr or fantasy sports

At a time when many are calling for a simple, secure and single sign-in across the web, Yahoo is taking a step back. Starting soon, to access any of Yahoo's Internet services — which includes Flickr and their uber-popular fantasy sports mega-site — you will need to bite the bullet and sign up for a proper Yahoo ID. As of now, Yahoo services are available via a Facebook or Google login.

Companies use Facebook and Google authentication because it is secure and easy for customers. Yahoo can make a very secure and safe authentication system, and we're certain that they will, but that ease-of-use factor just went out the window. Forcing people to fill out a form and authenticate themselves via an email has none of the ease of allowing potential customers to use a login they already have.

CEO Marissa Mayer and company are shaking up things at Yahoo, with plenty of great ideas. Somehow, we don't think this is one of them.

Source: Reuters

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • This is actually smart. Surprised more co's don't do this more often.
  • You're surprised more companies don't actively troll their users? Posted via Android Central App
  • You do realize that is one of the reasons why Yahoo is getting killed in the media for being insecure right? Google and Facebook services are the main culprit for data leakage. Who knows, maybe that could have been the cause for other loop holes too. Ever since this NSA and SIS outbreaks that are exploiting security loop holes in big companies that make fun of Android for malware. An example that you being an Android user would like: Apple users live in their little bubble thinking they are higher then everyone else, am I right? They found huge loopholes in iOS that has been existing for years and Apple "apparently" knew about it. Now an Apple user can never say Android is insecure.
  • WTF are you on about? Anyway, guy above...trolling? If you were a shareholder of Yahoo you would be applauding this move. Inconvenient for some of its users? Yes. Enough that we'll all quit our long time fantasy teams? Hell no. Most of us have been using an old yahoo acount anyway (in my little league) and I'm sure that's not uncommon. I just don't use Yahoo for email or anything else...that's not going to change which is what they're REALLY trying to make you do.
  • You are aware the "Data Leakage" that the NSA was taking advantage of with Google and Facebook is the same for Yahoo right? NSA has been tapping the fiber optic backbone upstream of these services and taking all the data. This goes just as much for Yahoo mail as Google mail. On top of that Yahoo does not implement perfect forward secrecy in their TLS connections like Google does. So I'm not sure what you are on about. Though you are right about the "Goto Fail" bug in OSX and iOS.
  • "You're surprised more companies don't actively troll their users?" The word troll has officially lost all meaning on the Internet. It's like "smurf" to the smurfs. It can apparently mean anything.
  • Precisely! It is way over used. Just like the word "racist" is used so loosely in society, same thing. Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't see why they implemented this in the first place.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • +1
  • Yahoo sucks why would I do that Posted via Android Central App
  • I expected to see at least one of these comments. I am not disappoint, lol. Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.
  • Yahoo Pipes. They could shut down everything else for all I care. But leave Pipes alone :P
  • Not sure I would trust Yahoo making a secure sign-in. I stopped using Yahoo because they're often the most vulnerable service out there...
  • This. I primarily stopped using Yahoo Mail, because of the sheer amount of spam that was cluttering my inbox. Their spam "filter" was a joke. And, I don't use their services enough to warrant creating a Yahoo account. Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.
  • And getting spammed by yahoo email users. It never fails that at least every other month I get a penis enhancement advertisement from a contacts yahoo account lol Posted via Android Central App
  • The "penis enhancement" spam was coming from your wife or girlfriend's account. She's trying to tell you something.
  • Just in time for March Madness. ESPN will be the winner here
  • Pretty much. I'm going back to using ESPN for fantasy football...I like it better anyway. Posted via Android Central App
  • This. I've used Yahoo in my secondary fantasy football league a couple times, including last year because they added draft from mobile. Other than that singular feature, ESPN is better for fantasy in every way in my opinion. that and having a throw away email to sign up for stuff is the only reason I even have a Yahoo account. here's hoping ESPN adds draft from mobile this year.
  • That's fine I blocked yahoo a long time ago anyways. Posted via Android Central App
  • How will this work if I'm in a hockey pool that won't end for another 3 weeks? Will I lose my team?
  • Just one more reason I will never type yahoo into my phone.... (Except now).... Posted via Android Central App
  • Yahoo has at least one thing nobody anywhere has yet surpassed - the Web's most successful image sharing service. That alone makes an account mandatory, at least for all true photographers {imho}. And yet, with some folks, this will prove unpopular. For there are many who deem such things ... spending two or three whole minutes to make a standalone account somewhere {gasp, perish the very thought!} ... as being an actual, major hassle! We've reached the point where clicking three buttons is considered problematic when two would suffice. Sent via Cyberspace
  • Are you referring to tumblr, pinterest, imgur, flickr or the burgeoning photographer/picasa community on G+ as the most successful image sharing service online? Flickr is nothing special and unlike the first two is not among the 50 most visited sites on the web.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • No mention of Instagram? At 100 million unique visitors per month, they would take the sheer-numbers prize! Flickr gets "only" 80 million, for the #2 spot. And yes, I was referring to them. However, I could've been more specific in what it was I meant. Facebook has billions of photos tucked away, yet I don't imagine anyone thinks of them as an "image sharing site" per se, because they are obviously not. On the same grounds I rule out Google+ as they're essentially just the same, merely packaged in a different format. Flickr is pure image sharing, as opposed to being a social site with all the usual non-image-related banter and offerings. Nobody posts any boring links, or re-shares junk over and over again, ad-freaking-infinitum. Nobody talks about sports, pins third-world cake recipes, or rants on their kid's birthday party. It's image sharing, and nothing but ... all done in a way which few, if any, other sites can match. Sent via Cyberspace
  • Hmm you almost sold me...good thing Google Newstand has 500px!
  • I predict a mass exodus from Yahoo followed by an immediate reversal of this policy and offerings of free entries into some meaningless contests.
  • Dumb move. I really like just taking the Google button on Flickr. For those who might say I'm being lazy: time and attention are commodities. I wouldn't even comment on Android Central if I had to make a standalone login.
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  • Bragging about being lazy. The young generation cracks me up.
  • It's about damn time. I hate thinking how facebook, twitter and google+ are all synced in some form or fashion. If one is compromised, they all is.
  • Yep, definitely will no longer be using any of yahoo services anymore. The last thing I want to do is create an account with a fossil of a company. Only used them for fantasy football anyways, I have my alternatives.
  • It's good that even though they bought Tumblr, they're not forcing us to use a Yahoo account. Or did I just give them an idea?
  • Um, isn't that what this entire story is about? Posted via Android Central App
  • meh stopped using Yahoo service for like forever. Their best service is Flickr which I'm not using.
  • Annoying for Flickr users without a yahoo ID but meh Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)
  • Annoying as I converted to Google logon to get away from the Yahoo one only to be dragged back. I guess another reason to just forget about my Flickr account and go elsewhere.
  • The only Yahoo service I use is Flickr. 1TB of storage for photos is too hard to pass up. Both my Android and Windows Phone devices automatically backup photos to Flickr full res. Had a Yahoo login from messenger long time ago.
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  • No.
  • bait and switch.
  • Wait... Yahoo will now require you to have a Yahoo account in order to use Yahoo-owned services? That's outrageous! What's next?! Microsoft requiring you to have a Microsoft account to use Microsoft services? Apple requiring you to have an AppleID to use Apple's services? Google requiring you to have a Google account to use their services? What is happening to this world?!
  • Its utter mayhem!!!!!!!! Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App
  • Agree it's faux outrage, and who wants all their online accounts connected anyway. Posted via Android Central App
  • I much more SPAM on my Yahoo Account (SBC Global) tham I ever get on my Gmail Account. I only use my FB credentials for FB. The main/only reason this cross credential use was allowed was to make things easier on visitors to post comments. Comments gets views and raises ad revenue.
  • I'm sick of so many websites requiring Facebook to login. Many people don't have and don't want a privacy invading facebook account.
  • Haven't used yahoo services in years, spam filled email killed it for me Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App
  • Good. It's the way it should always have been. A. it's good for Yahoo.
    B. If I wanted all my accounts linked to one central account, it sure as !$#%!@ wouldn't be a Google or FB account.
    C. The idea of a single sign on across the web is a terrible idea.
  • Completely agree! Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't want anything Yahoo associated with my Google or FB anyway, so I'm fine with that. I use my Yahoo email address for whatever/whoever I don't want having my Gmail.
  • Will they delete your account if you don't log in every 30 days?
  • Wow ignorance is bliss. Posted via Android Central App
  • Been sooooo long since I actually signed into my Yahoo account that I highly doubt I remember the login info! Yahoo, Hotmail, it's all in the distant past. Posted via Android Central App