Xperia Play games will cost you a bit more

Alright, seriously, there is no denying it -- the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been on one wild ride. And here is another twist to add to this roller coaster of a ride: In an interview with Sony Ericsson UK head of marketing David Hilton, the executive talked pricing for the smartphone's games. "Smaller, lower-tier games" would cost around $2 and a "more complex game" could cost up towards $16. 

What are these "more complex games?" Will we see exclusives on the Xperia Play as opposed to other Android devices? Will these games come from the Android Market or the PlayStation Store? Still, so many questions. Wait, isn't this thing releasing soon? [MCV via Joystiq]

Andrew Melnizek
  • Man, I was so sold on the PSP phone concept till they drop the spec sheet, which was disappointing. I'm going to wait 2 more years for the quad core or hex core PSP phone.
  • I agree. If gaming is VERY important to me, I'm going to get one of the tegra 2 phones/evo3d/Optimus 3d as they have the high end chips for smooth gaming. If I'm only a casual gamer, I'm also not getting the Xperia play cos I don't need my phone to have the added bulk of the control pad. So who really is the customer for this device????? and why could they not put a dual core chip in this (at least put the 1.5ghz single core in the htc flyer tablet or 1.4ghz in the pre3)
  • The 1.5 Ghz chip in the HTC Flyer is the exact same chip in this phone apart from the extra 0.5 Ghz. That means they have the same GPU (Adreno 205) so in effect you wouldn't see any improvement in games. CPU speed doesn't affect gaming fps. But i agree that for a gaming phone, they should have used a better chipset. Any of the dual core chipsets out there now have really powerful GPUs so those would have made more sense. But the Adreno 205 is no slouch either.
  • Considering Sony are using an ImgTec PowerVR SGX 543 chip in the PSP2, it seems a strange choice to put an Adreno 205 in their Playstation Phone. Even a last gen PowerVR SGX 535 would outpace an Adreno 205. *Shrug*
  • Up to $16? That's going to be fun watching Sony try to sell those games on Android. Especially games which don't run particularly well on the Adreno gfx chips when compared to current, or even last gen, PowerVR chips. Considering the amount of complaints regarding the price of the $8 xbox live games on WP7, it will be interesting to see how well these apps sell on a platform that usually expects free or cheap apps and games.
  • let the price gouging begin.
  • So when is the alienware phone coming out?
  • I think they would need better batteries for them to build something. They would max it out in every way.
    Talk time 6 hrs
    Standby 23 hrs
    Game time 0.1 hrs
    Like that old car commercial where the guy in an exotic fuels up and when he revs up you watch the gage go empty. Lol
  • OOH Alienware phone with SLI NVidia Tegra2, dual 8GB internal storage in RAID0 configuration, Creative speakers. lol that'd make Sheldon Cooper say something nice for once.
  • To me, this phone is all gimmick no substance. The hardware specs don't even look anything remotely special to be a gaming phone. Other phones have better specs than this! Shy on earth would anyone want this phone instead of just getting a P2P? What kind of games will be available to this and not other phones that warrant a $16 price tag? Not that I'm a fan of iPhones (at all), but would it even compete with some of the titles now available to iOS, especially @ this price point? This has FAIL written all over it if you ask me!
  • I want the gamepad so bad!!! Sucks that the phone sucks
  • If this "Playstation Phone" (which it's not!) offers $16 games, you can bet those games are probably ports of old PSX games, like MGS, which would totally be worth the $16 because it's a console game, not some short mobile game. It would be dumb to expect a full-blown console game to just be $0.99 - $1.99.
  • Here's the thing. Even on my HTC Incredible I've yet to find a game I have any real problems with as far as performance goes. This thing will be a step or two up from that I assume. Even if it's not as long as it plays games smoothly (which I assume it will) then I'm not going to worry too much over which chip is in it or isn't in it. The selling point of this phone is the D-Pad and Buttons. Even in the unlikely situation it runs like ass on high end games it will still be the best phone available for gaming via emulators and most other games for that matter. Would I like it to have the latest and greatest hardware that will likely be obsolete before I'm done typing this? Of course. However, I will choose an actual controller and slightly wanting benchmarks vs high end hardware and garbage touch screen controls. As to the higher dollar games. If they are games the like you'd see on an actual console with high amounts of content then I have no problem at all paying upwards of twenty dollars. However, if they are more casual games ala Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja then that is where I will begin to have a pretty big problem.
  • Sony is known for charging too much for their products. If they charge too much no one will buy and this Playstation service will live a short life. I would be very hesitant to buy a phone on a two year contract specifically for this. Game Grippers really are nice if your phone supports it and the new bluetooth version coming soon looks to be the perfect solution for the non-keyboard phone and you can keep using it when you get a new phone. That's the way I am going.