Xiaomi's bezel-less Mi Mix was one of the most innovative products of 2016, with the phone rightfully receiving accolades from around the world. It looks like Xiaomi has already begun work on the successor to the Mi Mix, which will allegedly be dubbed the Mi Mix II. According to a recent Weibo post by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, the company is once again partnering with French designer Philippe Starck for the Mi Mix II.

Xiaomi Mi Mix II

While the executive didn't reveal any additional details, rumors suggest that Xiaomi is aiming to hit a 93% screen-to-body ratio, outdoing the 91.3% ratio of the original Mi Mix. The Mi Mix II will also likely be made out of ceramic, and Xiaomi is said to be exploring an option where the entire front of the phone is covered with the display. The Mi Mix II could also turn out to be the first phone from a Chinese vendor that lacks any physical buttons.

With the phone still in preliminary stages of design, it is likely we'll see several iterations before Xiaomi settles on a final design. That said, it will be interesting to see what Xiaomi brings to the table this time around, considering that Samsung and Apple are also said to be mulling bezel-less panels for their flagships.