So the big shocking news (or non-shocker, depending on your view) is that Palm is making itself available for sale. It's a little too early in the game to jump to wild conclusions but Bloomberg sources say that HTC and Lenovo are both in the mix to make a bid to buy Palm. And though Lenovo has some Android ties, no company has backed Android like HTC. HTC buying Palm would be epically huge in this smartphone world of ours. Epic. -ally. Huge

Think about it. HTC produces stellar hardware for both Android and Windows Mobile. Some could say that HTC is half the reason why Android is so successful and why Windows Mobile is still alive. If HTC suddenly bought Palm, would HTC start building webOS devices as well? Or would they stop manufacturing devices for Android and Windows Mobile and go strictly webOS? Or would nothing happen, and HTC simply let Palm stay Palm and just continue to build for Android and Windows Mobile? There are questions abound and the ramifications would be huge because half of the players in the smartphone space are involved (other half being: Apple, RIM, and Nokia).

And we're not familiar with patent law, but could HTC buy Palm and use Palm's library of patents against Apple in Apple's lawsuit? Ammo for a potential don't sue me because I can sue the pants off you type move? But if Palm's patents are that valuable, wouldn't everyone be interested? There's so many more questions to ask that we can't wait to see this thing develop. The smartphone world as we know it is going to change.

So, would HTC really buy Palm?