Why do you prefer Android over iOS?

In our little mobile tech bubble, one of the most debated topics is the endless battle of Android vs. iOS.

People have been defending their mobile OS of choice for years at this point, and while we're happy with whatever platform you decide works best for you, it is fun to analyze why folks choose Android over iOS and vice versa.

Some of our forum users recently started talking about their experience trying out iPhones, and here's what they had to say.

I tried the iPhone X for awhile. I definitely didn't hate it as much as I thought I would. Face ID worked well, iMessage was very nice, and everything seems to run without any hiccups. My deal breaker was pretty much Google stuff not syncing correctly all the time via iPhone. I know this is due to Apple only allowing their stuff full background access all the time so sometimes it would sync and...


Same... I tried switching to an iPhone X twice even but both times ended up returning it and sticking to the Pixel 2 XL. The camera on the Pixel along with just how much more open Android is were what made me decide that the iPhone just wasn't for me. I find that in order to really enjoy iOS you need to be willing to go all in with all Apple services and I just don't want to be locked into...


I had an Apple Phone ( OG SE) running along side my OG Pixel. I dont hate Apple , just like Android more. The near stock Android such as the Nexus / Pixel line is the type I prefer of Android. Currently running the OG Pixel and Pixel 2 XL together on different lines. If I do update this year it will be either Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL Edit : Also when I used the OG iphone SE , I had a...


I bought the Pixel 2 XL last week and it replaced my X as my daily driver. I personally enjoy both OS, but after trying out stock Android.. I now find iOS to be lacking in many ways. I do still enjoy the simplicity of iOS and how it just works.


There's plenty more to be said on this subject, so we'd love to hear from you — Why do you prefer Android over iOS? Or iOS over Android?

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  • Customizable and not so locked down. Also you have multiple developers coming up with new ideas for the platform all the time. if you get IOS you get what apple wants you to have but with android you have limits but your much more flexible.
  • Honestly I've tried ios plenty of times , but what always turns me off is no real Widgets , and not being able to have my home screen the way I want it/ no app drawer. It drives me crazy.
  • Choice and price.
  • Yes, I prefer Android over iOS. I like iOS as a secondary device because functionality is key for me. Not saying iOS is not functional but Android just allows me to make my own choices on what apps I want defaulted and how they are used on my device. I can control alot of permissions with iOS you cannot really control the apps you have on your device.. that's a problem for me..
  • Productivity more than ios., Follows USB Standards too and that helps with my job.
  • The iOS approach to files and data is the main reason. Everything is restricted and hidden away in silos (aka libraries) on the device which makes sharing/accessing/backing up your data problematic. It also limits some of the things apps can do in very annoying ways. The intent system of Android is still better than anything iOS offers.
  • exactly, if I'm paying for a mini computer it better not tell me where my files have to go and that I can't freely browse and move and organize every file I have. ios is also just way too locked down, and there is literally nothing an iphone can do that I can't do on my android besides maybe imessage, but all my friends use other multi platform messengers anyway. I can also make my android as simple or as complicated as I want and I appreciate that option
  • That's exactly what made me give Android a try. I've had both the iPhones 4 and 6 and my home computers have always been PCs. Transferring pictures, music or other files to my computer and my mp3 player (music only), was always cumbersome. I developed some convoluted workarounds for file transfers, but things just seemed harder than they needed to be. Just returned from vacation and backing up and sharing photos went so much more smoothly and makes me wonder what took me so long to switch. Also, my iPhone 6 had numerous issues so. When I purchased my S8, I also considered the iPhone X, however didn't want to spend $1K on a phone when the $650 phone didn't work well. The only thing I miss about the iPhone is iMessage.
  • Customization is the biggest reason for me. I hated looking at my iPhone and knowing my home screen looked exactly like every other iPhone users home screen. I think iPhones are great devices, but they're still kind of bland to me.
  • Exactly. I can make my phone look like I want it to look, not like Apple wants every phone to look like. Plus, I have tried Apple in the past and I am just not a fan of their ecosystem. I do still use an iPod Touch, in bed at night, and I constantly have to install updates that include "improvements" that have nothing to do with using the iPod. I am very happy with Android and just hope that the EU's anti-trust case doesn't screw it up too much.
  • And there are phones in literally every price range. Anyone can find an Android phone that meets their needs and stay within a low budget if they want, or pay top dollar for the newest flagships. There are just so many choices.
  • Mostly it's because of the integration of Google Assistant on phone, Google Home, Chromebook and Chromecast.
  • Android offers greater choice. If one doesnt like Samsung there is always LG, Motorola, Sony, et al. I purposely left out HTC. There are lots of Android makers and many price points. It's also a fun capable os thats dynamic and fluid. And yes there is also the cool factor. I suppose I stay with Android because I'm emotionally and monetarily invested in the ecosystem.
  • Purposely left out HTC... You must be drinking the koolaid of all those reviewers out there that have some kind of vendetta against the amazing devices HTC puts out.
  • Last HTC phone I loved was the m7
  • Last HTC I loved was the U11, looking forward to getting the U12 Plus.
  • I love my u12 plus. The "buttons" aren't nearly as finicky as reviewers said. Looking forward to this new update that is starting to roll out.
  • I left out HTC only because barring a miracle they will cease to exist very shortly.
  • I sure hope not.
  • Hopefully
  • HTC still makes phones??? Why???
  • Equally amazes me...
  • I had an iPod touch for a while, and hated just about every second of it. Only thing that really was decent was its use as a time waster. With that said, My family (not parents/brother, but other family like cousins, aunts, uncles) all use iPhones. And they are CONSTANTLY begging me to come help them with things they are trying to do with it. What usually happens? "Oh well you can't do that..." "why can't I?" "because its an iPhone... and iPhones just don't do that". The sheer amount of times of being asked to fix something or install something iPhone related by my family is insane... And yet they CONTINUE to get iPhones knowing that they are only going to have more problems doing the things they're wanting to do. So because of all this, I stick with Android. Sure I'll venture out with different manufacturers, but I mainly stay with Samsung thanks to the usual reliability of the devices and their ability to just get the job done no matter what. I've ventured out with LG, and trade the phones in with under 3-4 months of use... just to get back to Samsung's reliability. TRIED to go with Google's Pixel XL and Pixel 2 XL but Google didn't deem me worthy enough to accept my credit card (no there wasn't a waiting list, they just simply said "sorry, but you don't meet the requirements so you can't have this phone"... while I'm like "I'm literally paying you in full with a credit card... just take my damn money!"). I've used BlackBerries in the past as well. Samsung just repeatedly makes reliable phones that just simply get the job done fast and efficiently with no bogging down what so ever. So I'll continue to go with Samsung. Not even going to try for a Pixel 3 XL because if Google didn't want my money for the previous two phones, then they wont get my money for the 3rd phone!
  • curious what your family members are asking to do that is android only - i am trying to convince my family to switch away from apple for cost reasons but they hold fast to what they know. i don't know enough about this to give them real examples, can you spell it out for me so i can have some data? what problems do they have doing the things they want to do? thanks for your help!
  • Customization and hardware choices.
  • I don't know much about iOS so I won't delve into specific features, but there are a few things I like that I know iOS can't give me:
    - choice. I love huge screens, huge batteries, huge storage. iOS doesn't have that.
    - variety: I have 8", 10", and 12" tablets. iOS no longer has 8" IIRC.
    - also, I run Android on a desktop for my mom, in a VM on my Windows PC... iOS can't do that.
    - versatility. I can hook up my tablet to my TV (with no dongle), play with a gamepad, hook up a keyboard, mouse, webcam, printer, hard drive.. all w/o dongles. iOS can't do that.
    - widgets. On my desk, my tablets display stuff right on their home screen, that I can check at a glance, with no interaction. iOS can't do that.
  • Like you said you don't know much about iOS. With the exception of mouse support and running on a PC, I can do all the other things on my iPhone, and how many people actually do these things on their phone anyway? A guy at work told me my iPhone was a toy. When I told him I use my phone for reading, editing and creating documents, editing video and photos, doing presentations, printing, scanning, as a SatNav etc, his reply was "well I wouldn't do any of those things on a phone anyway". He was a OnePlus user.
  • They are almost exactly the same, boring stagnant mobile operating systems. Windows Mobile was innovative but VHS won over betamax and those first to market normally win out...
  • I'm glad there are 2 viable mobile platforms, but I would rather have open with a side of chaos than seamless with pretentious lock-in. Also android's chaos is an endless source of material for android blog sites -- I find iOS news boring.
  • Cost, plain and simple.
  • I tried out the iphone7plus 128gb model. In all honesty I hated it. IOS & SIRI are just not my cup of tea. The thing that really drove me nuts was constantly repeating myself with commands to SIRI. For myself Google Assistant works much better. Being an Android user for years at least I gave it a try. It just didn't work out!
  • I deal with a wide variety of phones at work and while my daily driver is and unless something drastic happens, always will be Android, I don't actually hate iOS or Apple. They do actually get a lot of things right and say what you will, for the most part, if there is a bug or an issue, they squash the hell out of pretty fast and that update hits every phone, not just a blessed few. As someone who grew up in a time of setting IRQs while building PCs, I will always want to tinker and customize my computing devices. They are a tool to me and I'm a big fan of use the best tool for the job. Android's flexibility does this for me, but I am seeing that as Android gets bigger, it's getting more locked down. I get it, but I also don't like it. I do like the fact that my phone, my layout, my customizations make my phone unique. I also love that so many devs create workarounds for imposed limitations of each new OS. I don't hate Apple or iPhones, but the fans do tend to get annoying with the worship. Sadly, I'm seeing a lot of the same attitude when it comes to some Pixel users too. Now even the users are fragmented. When Android is fully to the point that the OS, security updates are completely independent of carriers and OEMs (and not just for Pixels), there will be absolutely no reason for me to ever consider an iPhone. I get both OSes as I have my hands in them over 8 hours a day at work. Android is just more natural to me so I hope that Google stops trying to slowly turn Android into iOS.
  • Default apps and background sync. I've been using Firefox since it was in beta as Firebird (0.6.x or other), and no matter how many times I try to switch over to Chrome, something makes me move back to Firefox on both phone and desktop. Being able to set Firefox as my default browser is awesome. Same for launcher, I've been using Nova since ICS, and have it set up just the way I like it, and no matter which company I buy a device from, their native launcher is always lacking 'something'. Even the companies like Huawei and Xiaomi that try to emulate aspects 0f iOS let you make changes to default apps (though they do tell you the device won't work right if you do, but whatever). Background sync has always been a problem for my wife on her iPhone 7+, it just doesn't always seem to want to refresh. In particular Google's apps like Hangouts and Gmail have issues for her, so maybe ulterior motive. Combined with not being able to use Maps very well because Apple Maps is still pretending to not be a dumpster fire, it just all works against Apple for me, and is starting to weigh on her as well.
  • First there's customization. Then the freedom to buy a device from a multitude of manufactures. Apple iphones are really not as great as their followers crack them up to be. I'm the only android nut in my family. My kids and wife have iphones. They actually hate them. Battery life is awful. They always carry a backup battery pack, or a charging cord. Siri sucks. Their constantly yelling at her(or him), because it fails to get things right. Try adding more storage to your iOS device. Not going to happen. I started with Motorola way, way back. Then went to Samsung. I loved my S6 edge and S7 EDGE. But as an audiophile, I didn't want to carry around a separate DAP. So when LG introduced their V30, I bought one at launch. It's been the best device I've ever owned. And that 32bit ESS Sabre quad dac? Unbelievable. I get all day battery without issues, a great 6" screen, but in a lightweight ver ergonomic body. You can keep your iPhone. I'm sticking with android any day.
  • Freedom. iOS is okay, just not my first choice because of the restrictions. I prefer to make my own decisions about how my technology works for me. Don't like feeling shackled.
  • My case is pretty clear cut.
    Been using multi window, S Pen and picture in picture on Samsung since 2014. Anything less just doesn't cut it.
  • File manager, customization, notifications, and lower cost of ownership including Chromecast and lower costs apps. Not because I'm cheap, but on principle. Plus, Android is the smartphone market. I love there's numerous manufacturers and choices. I hate that it's terribly confusing for many people however.
  • Back in the day when I realised I needed iTunes to do anything on an I device. Just connect over USB for Android and copy paste... Ever since 2010
  • I waited to get in the iOS/Android market until 2011, when the original Samsung Note came out. Prior to that, phones were small with no tactile keyboard -- I was a BlackBerry user and preferred the keyboard. I had tried the current-at-the-time iPhone and it was too small for my fingers. With the Note, I was able to do what I needed without getting aggravated. Just stuck with it since.
  • Purchased apps and games. I might be on the other side if I invested earlier there than Android. I did like ios simplicity and it just works for everyday use but that lockdown nature did rubbed me off the wrong way.
  • I've bought lots of games on iOS, and I still switched to Android.
  • Cool if you can but I can't justifying doing a complete turn around with my hundreds of app/game purchases.
  • Me too. Abandoned a few hundred dollars in apps and media and every penny was worth it.
  • I prefer Android for the customization and speed. iPhones are only fast for the first year but as soon as you get the next big OS release they start slowing down quickly. I never had that happen with the Android phones I have had. Lastly, I prefer the Navigation bar on Android sooooooo much more than how ios does it. The current Android Nav bar is perfection and makes the phone so much easier and fun to use. To me, of the things I mentioned, the On screen Nav bar is the biggest and most important advantage Android has over ios. With iOS you either have a physical home button or have to use gestures, both of which the Android Nav bar is greatly superior to.
  • My iPhone benchmarks faster now than with the OS it came with. Reports suggest that is 12 will be even faster.
  • For all practical purposes, both are the same to me. However, Android does offer more flexibility. It all boils down to personal preference. However, if the question was "Why do you prefer Google over Apple?", then my answer would be totally different.
  • I still have options for a headphone jack. That's the main reason why I left my Iphone 6S when the 7 came out. Also, thanks to phones like the Nokia 6.1 and Huawei Mate SE I can still have a premium experience for a third of the price.
  • Customisation and eco system. And, honestly - Android just feels more intuitive.
  • Default apps. I don't hate iOS but it really makes you work to use services outside of their ecosystem. That's really hard when you are using Google products. Also Face ID did not work well for me, so I didn't like my iPhone X experience.
  • My family is all on android, my wife's family is on iOS...yet they all use all the google apps (Chrome, gmail, Drive, Maps and Chromecast). I wanted to be all in with one ecosystem and android gave me what I was looking for. Plus, most Apple products cost WAY more for things I can get on Google's Ecosystem. Apple is really nice, but way over valued in my opinion. Android has come a very long way. Indeed it use to be that if you wanted a dependable device, you bought Apple. But that's no longer the case. My kids both have iPhone SEs and they seem to have nothing but problems. In the end, it comes down to price and choice. Why buy a $350 locked down iPhone SE when you can get an almost vanilla android $250 Moto G6? The only reason my kids wanted iPhone was because every other teenager had them. I use to go to business meetings and everyone had an iPhone, now almost no one does. People want iPhones because they are trendy. People want android because they want choice.
  • Your kids iPhone SEs are built better than the Moto GS, out perform it, and get updates long after the a Moto has stopped receiving them.
  • Why Android instead of iOS:
    1. Choice, and by extension price. I am gradually migrating the entire family off Windows Mobile, and I'm not paying Apple prices when by and large equally capable phones can be had for significantly less. (For myself I did pay a premium for my Pixel 2 XL, but top of my list was security and timely updates because of my job.)
    2. iTunes. I have never been a fan.
    3. Assorted iOS quirks. Assorted niggly things irk me, from the keyboard, to the organization in Settings, to the home screen and Home button. Nothing I wouldn't get used to, but still mildly irksome.
    4. A friend who has used everything said I would feel much more at home with Android. In Apple's favor, but not enough to tip me to iOS:
    1. Timely updates is a matter of course. Way too many OEMs and the carriers fall short on this for their Android devices, especially for devices older than a year.
    2. Long term device support. Another thing most non-Apple OEMs could really improve on.
  • Choice. Simple.
  • my first smartphone choice (not really) was between the iphone of the Android (cupcake era). I got the 1st-gen HTC Desire and loved that i could root it and get it to do just what i wanted. i eeked out as much batt life as i could until it was impractical to use and moved to the S4. I'm now on the Note 8. Was itching to root but it wasn't necessary like before. it just works. everything. customization is another big plus for Android. I have tried iOS from my relatives but it just seems like playing catch-up to android.
  • I own and use both. Prefer Android as iOS does not bring any advantages for me. Last year I ordered the U11, and ironically it arrived on the same day that I purchased an iPhone 7. The U11 stole the show and I did not even look at the iPhone for weeks, and I ended up giving it to one of the kids.
  • I bought my first Android device, the LG Ally, in 2010 and my first iPhone in 2017. I have found that both Android and iOs have their pros and cons. I currently find myself preferring iOs to Android because the things I want in a phone a better covered by Apple than Google. I also only use my phone for email, messaging, social media and internet searches. Android Pros: 1. Google Assistant blows Siri out of the water.
    2. Lots of choice when it comes buying a device
    3. better choices for 3rd party apps and free apps. Apples developers tend to look for users to buy subscription services for their apps, and I'm not a big fan of subscription services. I would rather buy the app once than continually pay for it. iOS Pros: 1. Timely updates and customer loyalty. If I'm going to pay $600+ for a phone I expect the manufacturer to provide timely OS and security updates. That builds customer loyalty. The iPhone 5s is 5 years old and is still getting updates.
    2. iMessage - 90% of the people I know and deal with on a regular basis have iPhones and use iMessage. IMessage blows away anything Google offers in this space. While I liked Allo, it's lack of defaulting to SMS/MMS, when you are chatting with someone who doesn't have Allo, made the app utterly useless.
    3. The ability to control which apps run in the background. When I use to root and rom my Android phones there was an app called Greenify that I really loved. The app would let you put apps that you didn't use everyday to "sleep". Nothing annoys me more than when I see an app, I have on my phone for a specific purpose, running in the background when I'm not using it. For example, I have the AAA app on my phone for times when I break down or get a flat tire, I would look at my battery stats and see that the AAA app was running in the background even though there was no purpose in it doing so. iOs allows me to only allow those apps that I want to run the background to do so.
  • I've used both iOS and Android but prefer Android because of flexibility and customization (launchers, widgets, default apps, etc.), plus I don't have to use iTunes.
  • Never owned an Apple Product.
  • I don't hate iOS or love android. I just refused to be yet another iPhone owner. So I purposely choose Android over Apple way back in 2010 and I never looked back. Also I was into PC's way before I cared about cell phones. I liked windows machines due to its customization, the complete opposite to Apple pc's. The same concept carried over with Android versus iPhone's
  • Android, because I'm not a tool.
  • Tools come in handy. Ever used one?
  • iOS is way more expensive in Brazil, I bought my Galaxy Note 8 128gb, by half of the price of an iPhone X 64gb, both on contract.
  • 1. Ease of Use.
    2. Choices, Choices, and More Choices for Phones.
    3. Can get an App Anywhere and install it with No hastle.
    4. Referencing #3, Don't have to Jailbreak the phone.
    5. Referencing #3. After an OS Update, No Need to Jailbreak the phone.
    6. Cheaper for Data Storage. No Need to Buy a New Phone, just buy a Larger Capacity Storage Card.
    7. No Real Need for Costly Cloud Storage, since Most Android Phones have Expandable Storage.
    8. Storage Card means Always having instant access to My Data even if No Cellular or WiFi Signals.
    9. More Customization to the Look and layout of the phone.
    10. None of the Software / Apps are Proprietary to just 1 company. These are the 10 reasons that I can think of Immediately as to Why I Choose Android over Apple.
  • It is not as matter of hating Apple, it's liking Android more... Prefer the flexibility.... Although I do have certain fundamental objections as to how it "forces you" into iTunes.... Other than that it's really just personal preference
  • Don't like something about apple's sms client? Wait for apple to change apple's sms client. Don't like something about Android's sms client? Try one of the dozen superb sms clients in Google play. When I heard Apple was finally allowing third party keyboards, I insisted my friend install SwiftKey on her iPhone. It was an embarrassing "handcuffed by ios" version of SwiftKey. The "automatically upload my photos to onedrive" feature that "just works" on Android, requires that either the onedrive app be open in the foreground on an iPhone for the duration of the upload, or that the user, seriously, physically walk around in order to trigger some GPS hack that tricks the iPhone into giving onedrive permission to upload files in the background. Rules, rules, rules, crippling functionality for every solution other than apple's own solution.
  • For me, it comes down to control. Since I like the idea of SD cards for additional (and separate storage), that will totally exclude ANY iOS phone. I refuse to pay the outrageous premium Apple demands to jump from one memory option to the next, knowing full well the actual chips would be several dollars more. THAT fact alone turns me off entirely to Apple. Secondly, I like picking what apps I WANT TO USE. Sure, OEM or system apps MIGHT be fine, but being LOCKED to using just sanctioned apps is dismissive at best and condescending at worst. Plus Apple Maps...like REALLY? I will give Apple the win when it comes to messaging. It is unfortunate Google's schizophrenic approach is STILL a fragmented, disjointed mess in 2018 when it comes to unified messaging. IMHO this is the ONLY clear win for Apple. Lastly, I do like the option of sideloading apps. Not really for pirating (though I did in the earlier days of smartphones) but because some dev's will sell out or simply "innovate" an app to death. QuickPic comes to mind here. But also trash updates like what Snap did. I WANT to be able to roll back to an earlier app without extreme measures. To do so on iOS would require jailbreak (assuming it was even available for your device AND OS version) and all the time to find good sources. Since the most popular (trusted) communities for JB software have disappeared, it is too risky to "hope" the version found works with your now ROOTED device with full system access.
  • Android, because iOS is designed for soccer moms and grandmothers.
  • And 12 year old girls
  • Good one 👍
  • My wife is a soccer mom. And she’s pretty freakin hot. She’s probably more tech savvy than most that come here.
  • When you can get an Android phone like mine (Moto X4), that can do 90-95% of the things an iPhone X can do, at one third of the price, it becomes simple math. Why would anyone want to pay $700 more for that 5%, which usually involves only a slightly better camera, and tiny fractions of seconds faster in opening apps
  • I left iPhone when there was the terror case in California, now I didn't want a backdoor to everyone's phone like Cook said the FBI wanted but I did think he could have been more proactive about getting them the info they wanted - this goes back to working for the Army and knowing if they want my phone or computer I don't get time to erase or move anything in order to hide it. The one thing I do miss from Apple is the watch even though I have a S2
  • I have both and I use both and both my screens look damn near exact.
  • You must have a jailbroken iPhone or a launcher on your Android to make it look just like an iPhone.
  • There are simply no reasonably priced devices in the ios space. Even used devices are expensive. And there is nothing there to make it worth paying that premium.
  • I like android for a phone. I use an iPod for music. Otherwise, I am not a Mac nerd.
  • The customisation, the flexibility and versatility and being able to download apps outside the Play Store is awesome and having a proper file system is a big plus too . Only people who don't know about tech and fashionistas use overpriced, locked down and restrictive and crappy iOS.
  • I use iOS. My wife uses iOS. iPhone X’s to be exact. Yes, they are overpriced. But so is Samsung and the Pixel series that seem to be devoid of any real features to justify its high price tag. But, just to let you know, the hair on my a$$ has more tech knowledge than you will ever have.
  • iPhone Ecks is a good phone. Durable, fast, pretty. It's also a compromised phone. Some of us troglodytes like back buttons, fingerprint sensors, expandable storage, and headphone jacks, none of which the Ecks offers. Feel confident in your Ecks and your knowledge. I'll just enjoy the parts of my phone that the Ecks will never have.
  • The iPhone had a finger print sensor first. Now it has Face ID. Works 98% of the time. How is it compromised?? Now as far as expandable storage, yeah, it will never have that. I miss that on my S8. Moving files is also way easier on android. But!!!! I use a WD MyBook to back up my crap wirelessly and it does does so when I get home on WiFi. Also gets backed up to google photos. I also use Bluetooth for my music as I’m not an audiophile so no need for headphone jack. Regardless, I use android too. Just the X is my daily driver.
  • So says iSheep, 123aimee, Pixels are say better than overpriced, crappy iPhone while not having any gimmicks Pixels has all it will ever need and doesn't need anything else now GTFO out Android central, no iSheep allowed.
  • Pixel , best camera in the world, except when it doesn't work: https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/google-pixel-2-xl-camera-fix-3507991
  • So says the iDIOT. The pixels have everything the iPhones or any other android don't have. And that is called defective hardware/software. GTFO with YOUR pixeljunk. I like both.
    As for android, I prefer android on a premium phone and not a cheap feeling over priced midrange pixel.
  • I like both platforms as well. And that was my point with the pixel, overpriced and midrange feeling. Nothing special.
  • Can't hear you, Jpilkinton the true IDIOT, I'm too busy enjoying my superior eand Android experience on my Pixel 2 XL, over any POS Sampoop that has midrange software and she*t apps and made of cheap quality glass. People who hate on Pixels have never used one. I'd rather be a Pixel owner and stand out from the crowd than be just another Samsheep or iSheep especially, that being said I'd rather use an iPhone than Samsung who are just a cheap version of Apple.
  • I've tried ignoring your trolling, but jpilkington, you are the most annoying, idiotic and POS human being I've come across on AC now go and shove your Samjunk and iJunk up your a$$ you're such a tool, who's never used a Pixel in his miserable and useless life and just hates it for no reason other than in your stupid and brain dead opinion its a "POS" it's not, it's the best and most fluid Android experience you can get, sure it's perfect, but it's perfect for me, not GTFO with your iJunk and any other POS bloated Android phone along with your POS opinion which is that of a f*cking 5 year old.
  • Correct pronunciation is your friend.
  • LOL Beno; Lots of false assumptions there.
  • Those aren't false assumptions, it's the truth, iPhones blows with that being said, I hate Samsung more than Apple but I still hate both of them
  • Your grammar is lower than a 5 year old. Your pos pixel not have autocorrect???
    Maybe in the next non-security update. Maybe Google will implement autocorrect in the pixel 3.
    Trust me, I've held lots of mid-range phones that were better and cheaper than your pos pixel.
    Your in denial if you think your pixel is the best phone.. it's not....
  • I've used Chinese phones that were better your POS iJunk and Sampoop, you're a brain dead moron who can't even give a valid reason not liking the Pixel, I never said the Pixel is best for everyone, I said it's best for me, jeeZ your reading comprehension is as lame as your opinion, now GTFO without your useless and worthless opinions which are that of a 5 year old.
  • I think the debate is unnecessary, and we should stop perpetuating it. Android is preferred by some people, and iOS is preferred by others. Whether one is "better" than the other is entirely subjective. We have too many pointless debates (stock android! physical keyboards! notches! headphone jacks!), when we should be thankful that we have any choices at all. We should celebrate when companies try different things, because that moves everything forward. I like that Android gives me a lot of freedom to customize and tweak, but sometimes things just stop working and it may or may not be related to something I did. I like that iOS just tends to work properly most of the time, but that's in large part due to Apple controlling what you can and can't do. These aren't mutually exclusive opinions. If a manufacturer doesn't something you don't like, that doesn't make them user-hostile. It just means that you disagree with their decisions, and you probably shouldn't buy their products. It really is that simple.
  • Android is the only platform where you have choices, iOS doesn't give it's iSheep who love being told what to do by Apple any choices, only what Apple wants and don't forget get Apple internally slows down older iPhones to force their iSheep to buy the latest overpriced iJunk.
  • You're just an Android tool. IOS 12 is actually going to speed up older iPhones. And speaking of overpriced, how about your beloved Pixel, with the screen issues, connection issues, and camera issues that Google has failed to fix?
  • It's still a POS. He loves his POS.
    They should have thrown in some lubricant as an added bonus.
  • I have none of those issues with my Pixel 45sshield you two*t and iSheep, actually use one before you comment now GTFO with your iSh*t, there's only one company that I hate more than Apple, it's Sampoop or Samsh*t who are the abomination of Android with their ugly, bloated and laggy software.
  • Pixel 45sshield? Which pixel is this?
    Even sounds like a pos.
  • Well look at Apple updates for the iPhone. Screens can't get replaced. Battery drain, slowing down phones on purpose. If Android phones or manufacturers that had Android went out of the way to break phones so customers would upgrade it would be the end of the world. But it's totally okay for Apple to do this?
  • Not OK for Apple to do this. They got called out for it and still pretty much gave us/them the finger. But at least we get kissed first. 😜
  • Android.
  • I have an iPhone 7 which I switch to on occasion just for the fun of it. I also hated the home screen the way it is locked down and can't put the icons where you want, looking like every other iPhone as has been mentioned Ad nauseam. I saw that with an app called makeover that with some work lets me put the icons where I want. That helps my enjoyment of it a lot more and lets me give it a personal touch which is sorely lacking on iPhone. They are getting better with Google integration but still have a ways to go. I generally miss my pixel 2 when I switch to the iPhone so I don't stay long with iOS. LOL.
  • I prefer Apple. I used android for most of my smartphone life with bouts of iOS stints. I found iOS is a better fit as it “just works” most of the time. I love androids customizable features and truthfully, I miss it. But after reflecting a little, I never really customized it much. So yeah, iOS is it.
  • What 123 Aimee said. I had an Android for yrs and had quite a few different models over the yrs. Customization? Yeah, like that but after awhile never did it much. Enjoyed my rooting phase and flashing custom ROMs as well, until I discovered all of them had some sort of glitch. I keep getting an itch to go back to Android because I get bored with my iPhone but then I remember the annoying things like random battery drain, OS slowdown. My battery life is also better. I also find the iOS keyboard to be more user friendly for me.
  • ANd all of our opinions are matters of choice. I remember the days of having to reboot my Galaxy S2 and 3 almost daily, removing and reinstalling the battery, doing factory resets, clearing cache etc. etc. Never have to with my iPhone. Am I a fanboy? No, just happen to enjoy my Apple right now..
  • I Agree 100%! 3 word minimum. 100% isn’t a word?? But if you actually sound it out, it’s 3 words in itself!
  • Samsung are POS because of their ugly ZZ disgusting bloated software and Apple are POS because of their overpayment, locked down, restrictive and limited iJunk.
  • And your pixel is the biggest overpriced pos out of all of them.
    It's a broken system.
  • Give it a rest with your POS opinion and irrational hatred against a phone you don't even own, my Pixel is far better than any overpriced iJunk and runs better than any Sampoop now GTFO I'm done with you and your opinion so if you continue to troll me I'll just ignore you.
  • Ignore us please! PLEASE! In fact, ignore everyone! I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure we all will be happier!
  • If this one app was allowed in Apple's Play Store, and it ran the same way it does on Android, an iPhone would be my daily driver: Nova Launcher
  • That would be so unbelievably awesome!!
  • Also agree 💯. Nova is the best thing to happen to Android.
  • Freedom.
    The first time I heard of someone connecting their ipod to a different computer and having it wiped by iTunes, I knew I would never have any of that proprietary BS.
    I've never owned an iAnything.
  • My biggest reasons are: 1) I'm not an Apple fanboy and don't gravitate to their products and 2) the iPhone navigation experience. I'm accustomed to dedicated "Back" and "Recent Apps" buttons and find the iPhone navigation UX remedial by comparison. That said, having been a BB10 user, i probably would find the iPhone X gesture experience to be less annoying.
  • Android allows me to make my phone MY phone. It gives me choice. If you want iOS you get an iPhone. I can have a totally different experience with android on a Samsung device, LG, Google, or BlackBerry. Everybody's iPhone looks and feels the exact same-the way apple intended it to be. To be more specific, and on a basic level, I like being able to use different apps for different things if I don't like the stock one.
  • It's just better. Customization
    Notifications are FAR superior
    With iOS a small change here, effects something completely unrelated somewhere else...it's annoying.
    I want my home screens to look how I want them to.look instead of what apple thinks they should look like. I hate the icons only screens on iOS.
    No hardware camera quick launch options on iOS. Really stupid move on apples part.
    Android is far less limited and iOS is a walled garden. Android is also just MILES AHEAD of iOS in terms of AI, info you need when and where you need it etc. Seems apple isn't even trying in that respect. iOS just sucks. I tried going iPhone a few times, longest I lasted was 48 hours. I truly do not understand how anyone can think that's a superior mobile os. It's far too limited, makes zero sense in how a lot of things work on it, just...not a good os at all.
  • Swiping from the lock screen to launch the camera is not quick enough for you?
  • No one said iOS was superior. It’s not. It’s subjective on user experiences.
  • Back button for starters
  • Inability to effectively run some apps headless Archaic UI Inability to set default apps Too much emphasis on cloud storage Don't want to be told how to use my phone. Apple pretends to be user focused yet keeps removing functionality under the guise of moving forward. It's quite funny to watch apple fans and apologists like Rene Ritchie eat this crap up and follow blindly.
  • Lol, Rene Ritchie makes me want to chum in a bucket!
  • I like the options, even though if I do buy a phone it will 99% be a Pixel, I just like to know that if I don't like what Google is offering I still have other options rather than being stuck with the one or two devices they release a year.
  • Same here, the Pixel is the main reason I camera back to Android from crApple amongst others (Ii have a Pixel 2 XL) and have no desire to use any other phone because I love being first with security updates, and software updates and the software experience is the best on Android, especially if you're coming from an iPhone. Only Samsh*t fanboys hate the Pixel.
  • I'm honestly beginning to wish there was a way to mute some users. Frankly your comments are just energy zapping. You no different than the apple Fanboys you say are pathetic. Go easy brother. By now we all know you love pixel. Which isn't a bad thing, that's the beauty of android.
  • @Beno Dear GOD!
    Proofread your comments before posting! Your language is getting unreadable. It may be your pos pixel.
    I would take it back and get your $10 back. #benospixelisapos
  • Sorry. But I actually left droid and went to iOS because I was tired of not having timely updates. Actual customer service with Apple Care along with Better security and privacy. I use Google maps and Calander so I’m happy. I didn’t have any reason to stay otherwise. Now I’m really happy with iMessage, Face Time and Find friends because my other family was using Apple already. I may return if Pixel makes a better phone and if it ever allows service on Sprint.
  • I’ve been with sprint for so long that it’s like my second wife.... Over promises and under delivers. But I stick with them as I get great coverage in my area.
  • The Pixel is already a better phone, mOsher and all the issues it had at launch have been pretty much fixed. I can testify to that as a Pixel 2 XL owner don't let the haters (and there are plenty on here) put you off, the Pixel is definitely a better phone than an iPhone whichever I don't intend on buying ever again.
  • Have fun with your screen which you can barely see outside.
  • I have no other with my screen brightness on my Pixel either. Try again.
  • It looks terrible compared to Samsung in the light. I'm sure you'll do fine once you take off your sunglasses.
  • I see they haven't fixed your keyboard issues. You should trade that in on a 'Speak N Spell'.
  • That was hilarious! Thanks for the spit I just spewed on my wife from laughing!
  • I left iOS several years ago. I did not like being trapped in a box. Forced to have my phone look and feel like everyone else's. So I stared jailbreaking my phones. The more I customized them, I finally realized I was turning my iOS phone into an Android phone. I made the switch and NEVER looked back. Also with my Nexus and Pixel phones I never have to worry about security and software updates. And with more manufactures launching Android One phones my phone options will be expanding.
  • My "loyalty" to Android is quite simple. If you don't have to have a Samsung or Apple phone, you can buy a great brand new device on eBay for a quarter the cost.
  • For me it has to be choice and price. Have always loved my Huawei phones since the P9. Moved to the P9 plus then upgraded to the P10 Plus. Currently rocking the Mate10 pro and I genuinely love this phone, which is kinda creepy but I do. The battery life is next level and the camera is best in class. When I had an iPhone it would drive me nuts just looking at the home screen. I guess if you have used an Android you will understand. I have a difficult time explaining this to my friends and colleagues who have always used iOS. They just don't get it. Lastly where I am from iPhone is more of a status symbol where those who own them think they have made it in live. Sad pricks really.
  • 1. Choices - I love my Action Launcher and the ability to make my phone look however I want. I like the ability to get a phone with a different physical design than others if I wanted it. 2. Automation - iOS doesn't hold a candle to Android in this department. Even without root, I can do so much more on my phone than you can with IFTTT. And I don't need to learn how to program Tasker to do it. My phone is truly smart because of this. My screen brightness and timeout change based on whether my phone is charging or not, for example. I can automatically unlock my phone when I'm connected to my home wifi, for example. And so much more. 3. Price - I can get a very good midrange phone that does more (see above for the definition of "more") than iOS does for a fraction of the price of an iPhone. Yes it will be a little slower and maybe not as smooth, but it's a tradeoff I am willing to make.
  • I think one of the lesser talked about advantages of Android over iOS is significantly better compatibility for Bluetooth controllers. It's a GODSEND for emulators, Rockstar's GTA ports, and the last few Square Enix games. iOS has that "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad" certification that pretty much makes it impossible for apps to properly support controllers and make iOS controllers prohibitively expensive...
  • Years ago it used to be customization. Nowadays I'm pretty much content with Android's default aesthetics and functionality so customization is no longer a priority and moving to another OS is not on my radar.
  • I had an internal battle for six months over which one to go to from Windows Mobile. I wanted the security of iPhone. It bothers me that with Google, my data is their main source of income. I wanted imessage so I could participate in some conversations better. I really really wanted to go iPhone. But alas, Apple got in its own way. It came down to lack of compatibility with my existing tech. The sterile interface. I'm not about to jump into Apple with everything, As they seem to have abandoned macOS. The price of entry. The walled garden kept me out. Now I suffer along with Android. For me, Windows mobile in 2016 was the best of both, except for the lack of a few (1-2) apps I wanted. Then Microsoft got in their own way.
  • One big plus for Android for me is that I can easily get at my files in Google's cloud from any device. I used to own an iPad and had several PDFs in iBooks. I no longer owned an Apple laptop so I had no idea how to access those PDFs from a non-Apple device.
  • 1. Choice. Many different phones at different price points.
    2. Not being locked down to apples eceosystem. I don't like how apple needs you to use their hardware.
    3. Customization
    4. Expandable storage.
    5. Easier to copy files to and from a computer. Can't stand itunes
    6. Being able to install 4rd party apps
    7. I find its harder to do simple tasks on ios.
  • I prefer Android over iOS for two reasons. 1) Expandable storage. I'm not limited to a fixed amount of storage.
    2) I don't have to use any hacks to install apps that aren't from the Google Play Store.
  • Simple, choice, price, availablity, easy of use, the list goes on. Android all the way.
  • Who says I do?
  • I prefer Blackberry 10 over any os, sad that app developers never made apps for such powerful os that was more secure and more fluid than any android. Imagine snapdragon 845 6gb ram on blackberry 10 os with Google playstore lol
  • Never used an iPhone. Back in 2011 when I bought an Android I couldn't afford one. I have had several phones since then. Paid my dues with problems over the years but now I am happy with Android. Used to root and ROM in the early days. No need for that now. I have an investment in apps and knowledge that I don't want to give up and start over. Now I can afford an iPhone but keeping my Pixel 2 XL.
  • Deep file access which leads into my second reason, sd card support and last but not least customization.
  • I had the all icon home screens. That would drive me batty. I also like where I can customize it to fit my personality.
  • google is better because it is google. give me the freedom of choice. i can use any app and make it as default app. not sure about widgets but is nice to have, always on display is amazing and google assistance yeah the best