When will I get my Droid update? (Do the math)

Now that everybody's all excited that Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update finally is coming out (for reals, this time -- maybe), reader Sharon reminds us that we might have to wait a little while, at least for the over-the-air update, if we go by the internal Verizon document that details the roll-out.

Only 10,000 people will have it before April 1st. Then only 200,000 per day will receive it. Given the Motorola said that by the end of Q4 they had shipped 2 million Androids (those being only the Droid/Milestone & Cliq)if 1.5 million of those were Droid/Milestone and even that doesn't include the number sold in Q1 2010.If they've sold even only 2 million Droids to Verizon in the last five months. Do the math. 2 million divided by 200,000/day = 10 days, 4 million = 20 days, etc.

Words to remember as you run your battery down checking for updates. But don't worry. We'll have the manual update soon enough. Thanks, Sharon!

Phil Nickinson
  • Waiting for Update.zip!
  • Your wish is my command! Enjoy Brotherin! http://alldroid.org/threads/16659-2.1-download-link-credit-to-ugot2go123... ps. this is the 2.1 update just letting you guys know.
  • My husband got his but I didn't get mine .......
  • I know this article is about Droids, but I don't think there are any recent articles about Cliqs that I can comment on. And frankly, that's what worries me. Is there any hope that I won't be stuck with 1.5 for the rest of my Cliq's natural life?
  • Wow math is bad, not sure if you have 400,000 updates on day 3 working fine why don't you release more from that point.
  • Limitations on the network, from what I've read on other sites. If you know it works, then yeah, you COULD roll out more per day. But if you don't have the infrastructure to support 400k per day, then you're going to crash your network pushing it like that. For all we know, all they may be able to handle is the 200k per day...
  • I just upgraded from a Motorola E815, which was powered by burning coal and three mules. 2.0 seems so slick to me. Can't wait for 2.1
  • Wow I didn't know any of those still worked. Two of the mules that ran mine dies years ago.
  • They don't make em like they use to. I have an e815 that I haven't charged in 2 years and it still powers up! Crazy. Anyways looking forward to the update as well.
  • Definitely doing manual update. You guys provided it when 1.5 came out for the G1 and it worked fine. With the Droid, I will do the same.
  • Dont believe it
  • Then you might want to explain the numerous screenshots going around the forums as PROOF people are starting to get the updates. :)
  • same old song and dance
  • I was told there'd be no math.
  • Best. Comment. Ever.
  • April Fools!
  • We need the moment to be updated ASAP the battery life is deadly!
  • You're welcome guys! I'd hate to see people pulling their hair out thinking there's something wrong with their phone or it's a massive April Fool's joke. ;) I recall that we heard some division of HP was handling the roll-out...Bitrate or something like that? Apparently, they were hired by Verizon to handle these things. In any case, that really caught my attention when it was first revealed because HP's website servers couldn't even handle Cyber Monday this Xmas. I know because there was a deal on Cyber Monday that was the best I'd ever seen for a laptop and I couldn't get through to order completion all day. I finally decided to wait for rush hour, assuming that Cyber Monday got its name because people use their work computers to do their shopping and they'd all be driving home then. That did the trick. Two weeks later I got an email from HP thanking me for my patience considering they were overwhelmed with demand and they gave me a $50 gift certificate in gratitude for my fortitude. ;) The longer it takes for everyone to get this update, and I mean EVERYONE, will give us an idea of how many Droids Verizon has sold.
    Although, unless you're a MOT investor like me (Droid owner, too), that wait won't be warming the cockles of your heart for being last to get it.
  • Do you ever get tired of being wrong?
  • chances are. this is a hoax. out of 10000 updates. No screenshots and No Videos except one that you cant make out the build number or anything. Probably just a rooted Droid. Will find out this weekend or Thursday April 1st.
  • Ya'll are such naysayers, damn. Quit being so skeptical, I want it too but you'll get when you get it, quit crying.
  • OK. I have my phone updated to 2.1 -update 1
    Build Number is ESE81
    Kernel is 2.6.29-omap1-g7fa8788android-build@apa26#1 But I do not see any extra homescreens people. But the wall papers are nice/
  • Still don't have mine, but my neighbor has his, and so do 2 other friends. I know I'm being impatient but come on already! Got my Droid in mid Feb. So I guess ill get it in 220 days. Can't do math either, just complaining.