When will I get my Droid update? (Do the math)

Now that everybody's all excited that Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update finally is coming out (for reals, this time -- maybe), reader Sharon reminds us that we might have to wait a little while, at least for the over-the-air update, if we go by the internal Verizon document that details the roll-out.

Only 10,000 people will have it before April 1st. Then only 200,000 per day will receive it. Given the Motorola said that by the end of Q4 they had shipped 2 million Androids (those being only the Droid/Milestone & Cliq)if 1.5 million of those were Droid/Milestone and even that doesn't include the number sold in Q1 2010.If they've sold even only 2 million Droids to Verizon in the last five months. Do the math. 2 million divided by 200,000/day = 10 days, 4 million = 20 days, etc.

Words to remember as you run your battery down checking for updates. But don't worry. We'll have the manual update soon enough. Thanks, Sharon!

Phil Nickinson