Pixel 4 XL camerasSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

2019 saw a lot of smartphone advancements, particularly when it comes to cameras. Additional sensors were added, low-light modes further improved, and so much more.

Samsung, Huawei, Google, and others all had great years in regards to their phones' cameras, and as you might expect, our AC forum members have their own thoughts about which phone does the best in these regards.

Here's what some of them had to say.


I'm impressed by the note 10+. I have used the pixel 3a, 4, OP7P. The OP7P was not great. Not bad, but definitely noticeable. In 99% of situations the rest are only a ball hair different. As usual the main differentiator is behind the camera.

DARK Vader777

That note 10 plus camera is a bad mutha..shut ya mouf. I'm talking about Samsung 😁 Stunning pictures I've been taking. Seemed to get better and better since August.


I'd have to disagree with his assessment. My Pixel 4 takes way better pictures of people than my Note 10+. The faces are smoothed to the point that there's no detail. If my kids move at all the picture will be blurry. None of this happens on the Pixel. Now video is another story.


I can attest to the huge differences between my note 9 and Note 10+.....I'm amazed at how well the Note 10+ performs with a grab from pocket and click photo.....thanks for sharing!


What say you? What do you think is the best smartphone camera of 2019?

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