Note 4

A whole bunch of us, that's who

Earlier in the week we put forth the question — Did you preorder your Galaxy Note 4? The results show an even bigger interest in Samsung's latest than even we thought — a full 27-percent of those who answered have already done just that and put their name on a Note 4 of their very own.

Poll results

We shouldn't be surprised. the size is hardly an issue for many of us, and there is simply no other smartphone that has the input features that come with the S Pen. We can call the Note series a phone, but in reality it's a tool that does more than other similarly-sized tools from other companies. A lot of us want that kind of tool.

I'm looking forward to having my time with the new Galaxy Note 4, and I know I'm not alone. We'll have plenty to share as the release date creeps on us.