Garmin adds a ton of new features and bug fixes in latest beta

Garmin Enduro 2 displaying different exercises on the watch screen
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What you need to know

  • Garmin has released a beta update (version 17.10) for several smartwatches, introducing numerous changes.
  • The beta is available for models like the Fenix 7/7 Pro, Fenix 7s/7s Pro, Fenix 7x/7x Pro, Epix/Epix Pro Gen 2 (in various sizes), Enduro 2, MARQ Gen 2, and Quatix 7.
  • Notably, the beta temporarily disables the ECG feature on the Fenix 7 series.

Garmin has released a fresh beta update for a bunch of its smartwatches, packing in loads of changes.

The smartwatch maker announced that beta version 17.10 is up for grabs for a bunch of Garmin watches like the Fenix 7/7 Pro, Fenix 7s/7s Pro, Fenix 7x/7x Pro, Epix/Epix Pro Gen 2 (in 42mm / 47mm / 51mm sizes), Enduro 2, MARQ Gen 2, and Quatix 7 (via NotebookCheck). But if you're rocking a Garmin MARQ Aviator Gen 2 or Tactix 7, you're not in on the beta party.

Garmin has dropped a hefty changelog for version 17.10 beta, packed with tons of fresh features and some tweaks to make things better.

  • Added ability to find a lost phone during an activity with GPS.
  • Added Applied Ballistics Wind Mode (Tactix only).
  • Added Indoor Walk activity.
  • Added Messenger App.
  • Added Recovery Advisor as an option in Morning Report and glances.
  • Added self evaluation to more activity types.
  • Fixed battery saver mode being allowed as a power mode name.
  • Fixed incorrect DSW on watch face.
  • Fixed issue causing the cadence flashlight to enable incorrectly when in an activity resume later state.
  • Fixed issue with ski run count in the Last Sport glance.
  • Fixed issue with the altimeter glance when in large font mode.
  • Fixed issues with Morning Report workouts page.
  • Fixed issues with some watch face data fields.
  • Fixed potential issue causing the touchscreen to not fully function after a display wakeup.
  • Fixed potential issue with the weather map overlay.
  • Fixed potential shutdown in morning report.
  • Fixed potential shutdown in the body battery widget when viewing near midnight.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when loading activity history with auto lock enabled.
  • Improved access to additional characters on the touch keyboard by adding a press and hold option to some keys.
  • Improved find my phone alert prompt UI.
  • Renamed Climb sport to Mountaineering.

However, Garmin mentions that this beta will turn off the ECG (electrocardiogram) feature in the Fenix 7 series. So, if you're all about those regular ECG checks, you might want to skip this update.

Nevertheless, according to Garmin, once this beta hits its final stage right before the official release, ECG functionality should come back online for the Fenix 7 series. The company assures us that ECG should function normally on other compatible models.

If you're part of Garmin's public beta program, you can snag version 17.10 beta by heading to Menu > System > Software Update and hitting Check For Updates on your watch.

Keep your eyes peeled towards the end of the public beta cycle because Garmin plans to start sending out beta updates through normal methods via OTA updates.

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