Is squeezing your phone the next big thing in mobile? HTC certainly thinks so. Its new flagship phone, the U11, is built around this simple but convenient gesture.

But this phone is much more than just a quirky, gimmicky shortcut feature. There's also a beautiful, shimmering, liquid glass design encasing hardware that'll provide all the power you crave — along with upgraded camera and audio hardware.

As the name suggests, this is the direct successor to the 10, but it's also a member of the new HTC U family, which started with the U Play and U Ultra back in January. But honestly, forget about those phones. The U11 is where the HTC U brand story should have begun.

The design is a considerable refinement of the liquid glass aesthetic that HTC introduced earlier in the year — metal flowing directly into glass, with tight tolerances and joins. And the phone comes in five gorgeous, shimmering colors, including two impressive new hues — "amazing silver," which shifts between a sky blue and silvery gray, and the fiery "solar red," my personal favorite.

HTC also hits all the necessary points for a current high-end handset: A Snapdragon 835 processor, plenty of storage and RAM, IP67 water and dust resistance, and an upgraded UltraPixel 3 camera which ranks as the current DXOMark champion.

Find out more about the HTC U11 in our hands-on video feature. And hit up our full hands-on preview for a detailed breakdown of what's new, what's great, and what's not so great.