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Want to Get Google Maps Navigation on Your T-Mobile G1? Here's How

We're sure a lot of you T-Mobile G1 owners have been interested in Google Maps Navigation since it was announced (to be fair, who isn't interested?). And when we told you that the fine folks at xda-developers had figured a way to port Google Maps Navigation onto the beloved G1, you couldn't wait to find out how to do the same. And now that we have those instructions, you're ready to get started. So here it goes (remember, your G1 needs to be rooted and have CyanogenMod, to quote xda-developers:

Download file here

  1. Unzip zip to desktop
  2. Run Part 1.bat
  3. When prompted to press any key, do so; the phone will reboot
  4. When your phone is running again, run Part 2.bat
  5. When prompted to press any key, the installation process is done.
  6. Make sure GPS is enabled
  7. Open Maps and press OK
  8. Press Menu
  9. Press Directions
  10. Enter an end point
  11. Click Go
  12. Just under "Show on map", click Navigate.
  13. When prompted to install the voice codec, do so.
  14. Enjoy

And remember, we're all better Android users because of the great folks at xda-developers. And as always, be careful when you do this! Be sure to let us know how it works out for you in the comments


  • The last step gave me a "INSTALL_FAILED..." error. I had to copy the maps.apk to my sdcard and run "install /sdcard/maps.apk /system/app" in a console. Worked after that! Time to buy a car mount and sell my TomTom :)
  • I Followed the steps, but still no navigation button. Then in the xda forums someone mentioned that people claimed installing google voice made the button show up. I did that and viola, there it was. Odd, but good.
  • And if you're outside of USA, the navigation won't work. I'm in canada, and have not switched over until this gets resolved.
    However the guys at xda are working on it.
  • How about rooted G2?
  • What about the new Eris? Will this run on cupcake??
  • These instructions didn't work for me. I literally was trying to get this to work all day. adb wasn't working for me even though the driver was installed. So I found these instructions on this site: If you're having trouble getting it to run, follow these. One of the main differences is that it doesn't require you to *install* Maps.apk; only copy it into required directory. Also, the link on AndroidCentral does not include build.sapphire.prop. These were the two biggest differences. But I tell you, now that it's running, it's a beautiful thing :-)
  • What. Does it mean when it says unzip to desktop? I unzipped it in a folder. Also, how do I run the part1.bat?
  • Yeah, these instruction assume that you have the sdk running on your machine. To not mention that is a pretty big omission. That said i still say thanks for getting the info out there.
  • What's bizarre is that I have the SDK installed and used it to download the latest driver. And it still didn't recognize it. After doing some research, I found out I wasn't the only one having issues with adb on Windows XP. But at least the link I posted above will help. Takes a little longer since everything is from command line but it definitely works. Just remember to install/reinstall(if you already have it) Google Voice.