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Vipre Mobile security app for Android now in public beta testing

From the folks who brought you Vipre Antivirus for Windows, Vipre Mobile for Android is now available for a public beta testing.  Along with the standard functions you would expect from a security application, Vipre offers a bit of parental controls and some unique methods to block messages containing phrases or words deemed undesirable.  Here's how they describe the features in a weekly newsletter sent out to current users of their PC software:

Antivirus: VIPRE Mobile's powerful Antivirus protects your data and privacyfrom malicious software that can affect your Android device's normaloperation - or worse, steal or destroy personal information.Antispam: Spam is not only annoying, it may contain malicious links. Antispamstops texting spam from hitting your phone, blocking by content or byspecific phone numbers.AppControl: You may want to show off your phone or maybe a friend needs tomake a call. But there are some applications that you just don't want anyoneelse to run like personal email, or online financial programs. WithAppControl, you can control what applications can be run on your Androiddevice with or without permission.Remote Locate: Ever want to know where your children are. With VIPRE Mobileyou can track their Android phone or device on a map from the VIPRE Mobilewebsite. You can even follow its location, showing you where it's been over aperiod of time.Remote Wipe: If your device is ever lost or stolen, you can easily remotelywipe its contents so that no one will be able to see your personalinformation.Remote Alarm: How many times have you asked "Where did I leave my phone?"Just got to the VIPRE Mobile website and set the remote alarm and your devicewill emit a very hearable and loud tone.Backup: Maintain and protect your vital contacts, pictures, videos and otherpersonal items safe on our secure online servers. If your device is ever lost(or you buy a new one and want to transfer your data), just click one buttonto bring it all back. You can also backup your data to an SD card.Monitoring: Parents can keep an eye on all your child's phone activitiesincluding IM chats, websites visited, and call logs.Anti-sexting: Block inappropriate texts of a sexual nature from being sent orreceived. The online world is not always the safest place, keep your childrensafe.Anti-bullying: Cyberbullying has become epidemic and can cause potentiallypainful emotional harassment to children. Our cyberbullying feature looks forabusive bullying language in texts and blocks it.Parental Controls: From the website you can easily enable or disable webbrowsing, email, texting, phone calls or texting while driving, or simply settime restrictions when it's appropriate to use these features.

I'm sure many parents out there will be interested in a bit more control over what their kids are doing with an Android smartphone, and it looks like Vipre is trying to fill that need.  As mentioned, the application is currently in an open beta, so like all other things beta there may be bugs.  If you're feeling brave and want to check it out, hit the source link for more details and a download (Android 2.2 or higher). 

Source: Vipre MobileThanks, Jimbo5000!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • WOW! If all these actually work, this is gonna be huge. Hopefully, the memory requirement isn't huge too. Of course, if it all does work, we'll be able to make space for it by getting rid of all the other security apps we're currently using. I'm anxious to see how the final release turns out. User comments in the Market,so far, are not very positive...some are pretty scary.
  • I've been running it for a couple months (one of the perks of working there) on my every-day phone (Nexus One, stock) with no significant issues. You can't always believe reviews. People that run into problems are often quicker to give feedback than people that something works great for.
  • OK. I'll try it. Definitely will leave feedback.
  • Immediately after installing to my EVO Shift 4G,running GB 2.3.3, Vipre caused problems. My SD card was disabled, Swiftkey language module problem, and GOSMS was disabled. Uninstalled Vipre and re-installed Lookout. Everything is now working fine again. That was a waste of my time today. As I said, I'll wait until it's released from beta, while keeping up with the feedback from other users. Too bad, though. Nice interface, great website, and good features. Now, if it just worked....
  • Hm. It does scan the SD card (I don't remember off hand if it does one immediately after first install), but you should see a notification with an indication of the progress of that task, and it should finish after a minute or so (depending on how much stuff you have on your SD card, of course). Do the Swiftkey language modules and GOSMS live on your SD card? If so, the problems with those could be related to whatever was going on with the SD card. If you're interested in debugging it further (and helping make the app better before it comes out of beta), chime in over at the beta forum:
  • It looked like it did scan my SD card. The notification said that a problem had been encountered and to tap for further info. I did that several times, after I restarted several times, but got the same messages. There was also an SD symbol w/? in the notification bar. GOSMS does live on my SD card, but not Swiftkey. I'll make a note on the forum, as you suggested. Thanks for the input.
  • I agree with you completely about people complain quicker when there is a problem. But you said yourself that you work for the company, which still gives me no average user's opinion. No offense, but I think I will wait until it's out of Beta. Now, if the app does everything the description says, I'll drop my other security apps in a heartbeat.
  • I'm currently using Lookout because I like the remote wipe, locate, tracker, and the simple interface on the phone and their online control panel. I tested out the locate feature and the GPS put the phone in my living room on a map and sent a super loud alarm out and the camera flash was going off like a strobe. My premium trial ends in 3 days and I'll have to decide if I want to pony up the 24.99 (with discount code BESAFEA) for a year. I'll give Vipre a shot and see how it is. There's a lot of cool features on there that I don't personally need but are still great for parental control and whatnot. The one feature I like on Vipre that I don't see on Lookout is the app control..... The monitoring would be pretty cool, but again, I'm the only one using MY phone so I know about all the p0rn sites I visit hahaha j/k... kinda....
  • My X running 2.2 (still afraid of the GB update) was experiencing occassional freezing and random reboots while my wife's X has been flawless. When the random reboots started to happen once or twice a day, I got very frustrated and considered buying a used Incredible thinking it was my phone. As a last ditch effort, I compared my wife's X (which runs great) to my X one last time. The only significant difference? Mine had Lookout installed. After I uninstalled Lookout my phone is running better than ever. No freezes, no random reboots and it is super smooth. Lookout may be a great product for some, however my experience is it bogged down my phone. If you are experiencing unexplained freezes or random reboots, try your phone for a few days without Lookout prior to sinking $25 on it. By the way, I do run SeekDroid (one-time price: 99 cents). SeekDroid has a simple interface and offers the tracking, locate phone and remote lock/wipe data features.
  • Cool, good to know! I haven't had any of the problems you've mentioned, knock on wood :S
  • I see no need for this app.