A vertical slice for a canceled Sucker Punch game called Prophecy has leaked

Prophecy Canceled Game Sucker Punch Image
Prophecy Canceled Game Sucker Punch Image (Image credit: mmaaxx3d.com)

What you need to know

  • Sucker Punch Productions is a part of Sony Worldwide Studios.
  • Footage from a canceled Sucker Punch game called Prophecy has leaked.
  • Sucker Punch just released Ghost of Tsushima, an open-world samurai adventure.

Instead of exploring Tsushima island slicing up Mongol raiders, Sucker Punch Productions was at one point planning to have players explore perilous catacombs beneath a Medieval-style city. A vertical slice of a canceled Sucker Punch game called Prophecy has leaked onto the internet. The leak shows a roguish player character who uses subterfuge to fight armored foes who are attempting to uncover dangerous secrets below a city.

This video was originally available on mmaaxx3d.com and noticed on ResetEra before being uploaded to different websites. The original source has been pulled but at the time of this article being written, you can see the vertical slice right here and right here. Be aware that it will likely be pulled soon.

Sucker Punch released Infamous Second Son and a standalone title called Infamous First Light in 2014. Ghost of Tsushima was revealed in 2017 and released in July 2020. Presumably, Prophecy was a game being tested somewhere between the release of Infamous Second Son and the announcement of Ghost of Tsushima. It certainly is interesting to speculate about how this game could've turned out but it's just that: speculation. As it is, it's unlikely we'll ever see this concept return.

If you haven't tried out Ghost of Tsushima yet, you can check out our review right here. PlayStation lead Jennifer Locke writes that "Ghost of Tsushima has a solid foundation that is definitely deserving of a sequel on PS5. I think Sucker Punch has a new franchise on its hands. The studio already nailed the combat, in my opinion, now it just needs to work a little more on the open-world aspects. Creating a villain that's actually interesting wouldn't hurt, either."

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