Vector 10: Kevin Michaluk and smart watches

Kevin Michaluk of Mobile Nations and joins Rene to talk about smart watches, what they mean for traditional watch enthusiasts, for geeks, for the mainstream, for the tech industry, and for Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Apple. Also: Samsung Galaxy Gear!

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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie has been covering the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editorial Director at Mobile Nations, analyst at iMore, video and podcast host, you can follow him @reneritchie on [Snapchat](, [Instagram](, or [Twitter](
  • Smartwatch summary :
    Galaxy Gear: proprietary interface with very limited compatibility = fail
    Pebble: works for me to provide quick notifications without pulling my phone out
    Omate TrueSmart: what I really want to pop my SIM in when I go jogging or don't want to carry a phone. SIM + 3G + full Android + nice packaging = win Posted via AC App on HTC One GPe
  • Don't leave out Hot watch. That's the one I've backed on kickstarter. I guess you can leave them out because they haven't actually gone to market yet, but it's the first watch i've seen that I will actually wear. I think they are pretty sleek looking and the idea of putting the speaker on the band and using your palm to amplify the sound to your ear drum making it private is pretty friggin' genius imo! Sure you will be talking with your hand up but it's not like you will be using this every day to make phone calls. Just the opportunity to answer a call and hold up your arm and tell someone "you'll call them back" and be able to hear if it's an emergency or not makes it gold in my book :-)
  • The Galaxy Gear is a great companion for the Note 3 and soon several of the Samsung top phones. Great device with many uses. Very well put together with the best materials. Innovation, innovation and more innovation. I think it looks better than all of the other smart watches out today. I'm a iPhone 5 and Android owner. I'm getting the new Note 3 and just sold my iPhone 5 to buy the new iPhone 5S. I am anal as hell and have to have the best of both worlds. Being an Android owner and hacker for years I have to have the new Note 3, dev support will be sick for this phone along with after market accessories. I'll get the Note 3 with the 64gb of internal storage if available. The iPhone 5S with 128gb of internal storage is my iPhone of choice. Hoping that is reality. Getting off the subject due to a few too many beers but the Samsung Gear would make a great package with the Note 3, just might have to jump on that as well. Now I'm broke have to go back to work. Show us the new iPhones Apple and they better be good seeing as how I just sold my iPhone 5 with 64gb of int storage. See you tomorrow.
  • Lost cause , been tried many times
  • I gave this about 15 minutes. But when there was no talk of smart watches, just the history of watches, I had to abandon.
  • Love the Show. Have you guys looked at Bionym ... uses you Heart rate to verify who you are and log you in or make payments + unlock doors + passwords on your computer , etc, etc,. by a wave of your hand.. as the device is a small wristband. Result is >>>>You only need one device to log you and do stuff. Link: Maybe the Smartwatch can do the same? Looks interesting I just put my name on the list to buy one. I do not know upside or downside of this technology ... seems secure? Maybe you guys can take a look at it and comment on the +ve's or -ve's Thanks
  • I think there are some interesting applications but haven't seen much in smart watches that would work for a woman.