HTC One A9

Update: According to HTC's Mo Versi on Twitter, the OTA update containing the November security updates, along with improvements to the camera and battery, is indeed going out tonight. Happy updating!

Original Story: When HTC unveiled the One A9 a month ago today, the company's America president, Jason Mackenzie, promised that the unlocked U.S. version of phone would receive future Android updates within 15 days of Google pushing them out to Nexus devices.

HTC One A9


A few weeks on from release, HTC has confirmed to Android Central that this doesn't just apply to new numbered versions of Android. The phone maker says it's committed to getting monthly security patches, like Google's recent November update, rolled out to U.S. unlocked A9s "within 15 business days of Google's first push to Nexus." That's a little longer than 15 regular days, but within the window for what we'd consider a "timely" update to the very latest version of Marshmallow.

"We expect the software update with Google's November security patches to receive TA (Technical Acceptance) later today and roll out to customers immediately thereafter," an HTC spokesperson told AC.

So if you're rocking a U.S. unlocked HTC One A9, keep watching for an OTA notification soon. Unfortunately, other versions of the A9, including carrier-branded and unlocked European models, are on a different software track, and won't be covered by the 15 (business) day promise.