Samsung Galaxy S5

Do you want the Android apps for Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5? You don't? Well too bad. The latest update to the Galaxy S5 on Ma Bell doesn't add anything new to Android itself, but the 46.73MB download will install Yellow Pages and Lookout Security on the smartphone — and it won't let you delete them afterwards.

The two apps are part of the standard set of AT&T bloatware, so we're actually more surprised that they weren't there in the first place than that AT&T is moving to add them back after the fact. It was just last fall that Samsung signed a deal to include Lookout's antivirus protection on their devices.

You can skip the update if you like, though we can all but guarantee that the next time there is an update for the AT&T Galaxy S5 you'll want, these apps will be part of the package. Sorry.

Source: Android Central Forums