Ubuntu squeezed onto Evo 4G.

If Windows 3.1 on your Droid isn't good enough for you, how about a modern desktop OS running on your Nexus One or Sprint Evo 4G? Braniac Max from NexusOneHacks.net managed to shoehorn Ubuntu onto his Nexus One over the Independence Day weekend. Not to be outdone, a few days later it was modified to run on the Evo 4G. More details after the break. [via NexusOneHacks and GoodAndEvo]

Update: Matt wrote in to let us know that Ubuntu is running on the Droid as well.  Added a video for your perusal after the break.  Thanks for the tip Matt!

This doesn't run like Ubuntu does on your computer. In this case, Ubuntu runs as a sub-system on your smartphone, allowing you to switch from Android to Ubuntu and back again without any trouble. You start it from the command line in a terminal emulator and then use a VNC client to connect to the Ubuntu desktop.

This isn't for the faint of heart, folks. This involves using a ROM with a kernel that supports a loop file system (definitely not standard in the Android world folks). For the Evo, there are instructions to flash a zImage which uses a temporary kernel that goes away on reboot. 

Ubuntu running on the Nexus One.


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