Twitch app now lets users watch past content from their favorite streamers

In an update to its Android app today, Twitch has finally added support for video on demand—a feature many gaming fans have been anticipating for a while. VOD, which has been a main feature of Twitch's web interface for a while, will allow users to browse and watch past recorded footage from any given streamer that has enabled the feature for their channel.

Getting to the VOD footage is a pretty simple affair. If you're already watching a particular stream, you simply tap the "activity feed" button at the bottom left of the player. If you're trying to find something to watch from the search interface, tapping on an offline channel will automatically take you to that channel's activity feed.

Unfortunately, Android users have to go through a bit of rigamarole to get today's update. Twitch says that, in order to patch a possible security vulnerability, users won't be able to simply update their current app. Instead, you'll have to delete the old app from your phone and download it again from Google Play.

Source: Twitch

Dan Thorp-Lancaster