Today: Froyo; tomorrow (er, Q4): Gingerbread

We're going to get the skinny on the Froyo version of Android here in a few short hours. But news about Gingerbread (actual version number is yet unknown) is already trickling out. During Wednesday's lengthy keynote on HTML5 and the various back-end resources it uses, we heard a lot about WebM and VP8. And now we have this little nugget from The WebM Project, which states that WebM support is expected with Android in Gingerbread, "currently planned for Q4, 2010."

So there you go. It's a little early yet, but we may well see a pretty major revision of Android by the end of the year. [WebM Project via Eurodroid and Engadget]

Phil Nickinson
  • Some people here was disappointed with yesterdays keynote. I on the other hand thought it was interesting. A lot of cool things being developed for the web. WebM looks cool.
  • lol. You shoulda seen those of us who were actually stuck there. :p
  • You know...Google does more than just Android devices. Today will be your day. Lets hope some awsome news is presented.