There are limited edition Android Oreos, but not for most people

You know what tastes better than new software? New software and cookies. To that end, Google and Nabisco have teamed up to make some Oreo cookies with the Android logo inscribed on top. There's also a green filling inside to match the green of the Bugdroid logo. I haven't heard anyone mention what flavor the filling is, but I'd guess it would be mint.

According to Ausdroid, this was apparently only for the Oreo launch event. When Android 4.4 KitKat was released, Google and Nestlé printed special wrappers for KitKat bars, though the bars themselves were unchanged. There was also some delicious looking ice cream at the Oreo launch event, and it's making me hungry for some Sonic.

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How quickly would you eat an Oreo with the Android logo on it? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick
  • They should sell em in stores
  • I want one of those. I haven't had an oreo in about 2 years.
  • Bring the manufacturing back from Mexico.
  • You do know this isn't true. Oreos are still made in the USA. It looks like they are no longer made in Chicago, but moved to other USA plants.
  • Partially. Chicago got screwed and some other US sites do make them, yes. Some are made in Mexico and distributed in the US by Mondelez. But yeah guess it's no big deal right. Check the label and purchase accordingly I guess.
  • Don't think anyone wants low paying jobs here. So yes, it'll be all fine and dandy to bring manufacturing back here, BUT not if they're low wages. Regardless, who cares if they're made in the US, Mexico, or Mars.
  • The thin Oreos are superior.
  • Yes, they are the devil. For some reason, I like them more than I like the regular ones.
  • Agreed. I like Thin or double stuff better than the regular.
  • That's because the thin have a similar ratio of filling and cookie. The OG is too much cookie. Now those rare triple double are crazy good.
  • Hmm, I never thought of that before but that makes a lot of sense actually. That probably also explains why I feel like I can eat 8 thin ones but if I try to eat 8 regular ones, I don't really like it.
    Resistance is harder with the thin ones, but the regular ones start to make me feel a little sick after enough of them.
  • Big Stuff or GTFO
  • Yep, thins for me! Got half a package under the bed right now.
  • Eh, they're Oreos, so they'll be pretty grim anyway.
  • I've never been more offended by something a foreigner has said about America. Also, that is the most American thing I have ever said.
  • That's a great post!
  • Hey man, I'm not the one producing and selling cheap, crappy biscuits... Be offended by Mondelēz international. I've actually always been a little surprised at America's (or in the case of Oreo, Mexico's) weak snack game in general... Except the doughnuts, America has good doughnuts.
  • True that, we've turned it into a horribly fattening but delicious art lol
  • Good comeback :-)
  • I don't care what logo the Oreo has. I'm quite likely to eat it as soon as no one is looking anyway.
  • Ditto
  • I'd buy them. Double stuffed though. Or just call them Bloated.
  • +100
  • I wouldn't eat them ever, I'd save them as a collector's item.
  • Mmmm Oreo... Yummy!
  • No matter their variation, Oreos are some of the worst biscuits in existence. I vote Britain send a McVities care package to America such is the travesty that is American cookies/confectionery.
  • Or we can at least send Mr Kipling as back up
  • Not to be outdone, Windows Mobile and Hydrox will release their own limited edition cookie.
  • I would save it forever. 😀
  • I'd buy a pack or two, vacuum seal a few- one to keep and others to sell years from now when they become collectors items LOL!!! Then I'd eat the rest. :)
  • Cookies are for closers
  • I read this article just to find out if I could buy them for the next office party!