There are limited edition Android Oreos, but not for most people

You know what tastes better than new software? New software and cookies. To that end, Google and Nabisco have teamed up to make some Oreo cookies with the Android logo inscribed on top. There's also a green filling inside to match the green of the Bugdroid logo. I haven't heard anyone mention what flavor the filling is, but I'd guess it would be mint.

According to Ausdroid, this was apparently only for the Oreo launch event. When Android 4.4 KitKat was released, Google and Nestlé printed special wrappers for KitKat bars, though the bars themselves were unchanged. There was also some delicious looking ice cream at the Oreo launch event, and it's making me hungry for some Sonic.

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How quickly would you eat an Oreo with the Android logo on it? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick