Temple Run for Android isn't coming out until the developer says so on Facebook [lame]

The latest app that the Android community seems to be crying out for is Temple Run. The iOS phenomenon, developed by Imangi Studios, is causing a bit of a fever, not helped any by the usual rumor mill of release dates surrounding something so highly sought after. Various different dates have appeared across the internet, but the developers have taken to Twitter to make an official announcement. Temple Run for Android's release date will be when they tell us all via their official Facebook page.

Currently after just six months in the iOS App Store, Temple Run is ranked the 18th all-time top free app. When it finally appears on Android, the numbers are sure to be as high if not higher. But for now everybody needs to be patient, it's coming.

A degree of care needs to be taken when searching through the Market. As with a lot of popular applications, there are some unscrupulous people out there trying to take advantage of the hype and release fakes. The message is clear though, everything out there is a rumor, until Imangi says otherwise. 

via Slashgear

Richard Devine