Taptu has updated the Android version of their popular news reader to version 1.3, and now brings the customization to a whole 'nother level.  The folks at Taptu call it being a "news DJ" and it fits.  You can mix your own news feeds from scratch, using Taptu's pre-loaded site feeds (they have thousands of popular blogs, magazines and newspapers), Bing's RSS search and feeds from your Google reader account to build and curate your own news stream.  You also can add your Facebook feed and Twitter timeline, and "like" or comment, and reply and retweet right from the Taptu app.  You're not restricted to one news stream either -- you could build one for Android news, one for local news, and one for Charlie Sheen if you like. #tigerblood

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Taptu has upped the bar with this one, and they kept it free for Android devices (Android 1.6 and up).  It's pretty slick, and well worth checking it out.  The download link, and Taptu's press release are after the break.

DJ Your Own News and Create the Perfect Mix with My Taptu Version 1.3 Now Available for Android
Latest update lets customers curate and create their own content mixes from thousands of news sources
CAMBRIDGE, UK and DENVER, Colorado — 10 March 2011 — Taptu, the social media and mobile technology company, is announcing a significant update to the Android version of My Taptu, its social news reader that puts all of a customer’s interests in one place – from their social network streams to their favorite web sites, content sources, and blogs all in one indispensable app.
With My Taptu 1.3, available today for Android, customers can now mix their own streams and instantly become content curators. They can build a stream from scratch, selecting and merging feeds together from My Taptu’s StreamStore, Bing RSS search, and their Google Reader accounts. Or, they can edit the app’s curated topic streams by removing and adding the sources they want featured. Once the stream has been created, they can watch stories flow in from their favorite sources all in one stream.
Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu said:
“The ability to DJ your news and create your own mixed stream is the ultimate way to personalize your news and social media experience. Our customers have been telling us they are craving more control over the streams and we’re delivering that today. It takes My Taptu from a passive experience to a highly personalized and engaging one. Our StreamStore is loaded with thousands of feeds from blogs, magazines, newspapers, and even Twitter gurus, so we are confident there’s something for everyone.”
Do More With Twitter and Facebook Without Leaving the App
Taptu has also added more ways to interact with social streams without having to jump out of the app.
·       Twitter Stream: Customers can reply and retweet inside their Twitter stream without having to leave the app.
·       Facebook Stream: Customers can now add their Facebook stream with only the links that their friends share.
StreamStore Streamlined To Enhance Content Discovery and Quick Access To RSS News Feeds
Taptu has made discovering new content streams and RSS feeds even easier.
·       StreamStore Streamlined: Each time a customer visits the SteamStore, My Taptu remembers which streams they’ve added. The next time they visit, the StreamStore replenishes itself and displays new streams for them to choose from.
·       Google Reader Front and Center: Google Reader is now front and center in the StreamStore to let customers import the RSS news feeds they already follow.
With these new features My Taptu is transforming the way people discover and personalize their content, giving them one of the most powerful ways in which people can follow and share everything they’re into – from their widest interests to their most niche passions – all in one convenient little app.
About Taptu:
Founded in 2006, Taptu is an award-winning social media and mobile technology company based in Cambridge, England and Denver, Colorado. We build innovative platforms, tools and applications that enable highly personalized creation, curation, recommendation, search, discovery, management, consumption and sharing of content across all personal screen-based devices. Our other product, Wapedia, is also available for download at the Apple App Store and Android Market.
See www.taptu.com for more information.