Tap Tap Revenge For Android Market?

Are you a fan of Guitar Hero? In case you haven't heard of the company Tapulous, they are the developers of several iPhone apps, including the popular Tap Tap Revenge. Already a free download for the iPhone, Tap Tap Revenge could come to the Android platform if the demand is high enough. A Tapulous developer is quoted as saying, "if there is a lot of demand for it, you never know..." - sounds a bit luke-warm, but the fact they mention it as a possibility is promising.

Tap Tap Revenge is a bit like Guitar Hero for the mobile platform - numerous songs from popular artists are available requiring accurate rhythmic tapping on your mobile device (currently the iPhone) to score points. The regular version is free, but iPhone users can buy a Nine Inch Nails version of the game as well. Maybe if Android users clamor for it loud enough, Tapulous will bring some Tap Tap Revenge goodness to Android! Who wants it?

[Android Community]

Brian Hart#AC