SwiftKey, the popular third-party Android keyboard, this morning announced an update that will take care of a number of nagging issues. The update is now live in Google Play.

The big news, probably, is that a number of issues regarding the HTC One have been resolved. So if you're picking up the phone this week in the UK, Germany or Taiwan, you'll be able to properly use SwiftKey. (And if you're waiting for April like most of the rest of the world, it'll be ready to go then, too.

We've got the full changelog after the break.

Source: SwiftKey

What's new in Sw​iftKey 4.0.1 (published 26th March 2013).

  • Improved prediction quality
  • Fixed Stuck In Initial Caps
  • Fixed issue with question mark being unreachable
  • Fixed Flow trail problems on HTC One
  • Fixed problems with HTC One stock mail client
  • Fixed typing in HTC One Notes app and turned predictions back on in Jelly Bean
  • Fixed jumpy cursor in Samsung calculator
  • Fixed comma in Arabic
  • Swapped locations of Turkish "i"
  • Added French "guillemet" to secondary characters (<< and >>)
  • Made sure @ sign appears directly above A on longpress
  • Fixed Firefox crashes on devices running Android 2.2 and below
  • Fixed shift locking and combining characters on hard keyboard
  • Fixed a number of crashes in the installer
  • Fixed heatmap crash