Survive the hazardous world of Ordia, a platformer you play with one hand [Android Game of the Week]

Ordia running on the Razer Phone 2
Ordia running on the Razer Phone 2 (Image credit: Android Central)

One of the more unique features available to mobile game developers is the option to design your game to be played with one hand. They're great for those times when you want something casual to play while riding transit on your way to school or work.

Ordia is a game that uses this casual control scheme to great effect. In fact, you're able to can play it using just one finger. But don't let the ultra-simplistic controls fool you; the game itself offers so much more than you might expect while remaining easy and accessible for gamers of all ages to enjoy.

Ordia is a vertical-scrolling platformer where you play as a green and gooey life form that needs your help making its way through a hazardous new environment. You start out each level in a green pool and must slingshot your little buddy towards other friendly green launch points which it will automatically glom onto if your aim is true.

The gameplay and controls are quite simple — if you've ever played Angry Birds you'll feel right at home here — but the levels are cleverly designed to require precise aim to avoid getting destroyed by the world's deadly red flora and fauna. New elements are introduced as you progress through the 30 levels set across three unique worlds, with each new element slightly changing the way your lil' goober is able to move and bounce around the level.

You're definitely going to love the simplicity of the graphics and the way the chill, ambient soundtrack evolves as you progress through each level. It's a very polished experience, and if you're able to play on a device with a higher refresh rate, like the Pixel 4, OnePlus 7 Pro, ROG Phone 2 or Razer Phone 2, it looks amazing — but the simplicity of the game design means that it will run smoothly on older devices, too. Each level offers extra challenge modes so you can revisit them and unlock bonus levels and achievements.

The full version of Ordia is currently on sale for just $1.99 in the Google Play Store, or you can click through the link below to download and enjoy the first four levels for free. You'll then be asked to pay the regular price for the full game, so don't forget to check to see if it's still on sale — or throw the developers a couple of extra bucks because they absolutely deserve it.

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