Super Mario Run comes to Google Play March 23, you can pre-register now

Nintendo America just dropped the date of March 23 as the day Super Mario Run comes to the Google Play Store.

In January we heard that Nintendo was putting more focus on getting Super Mario Run to Android, and March was their target for release. They will come in just in time according to this evening's news.

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Super Mario Run launched in December, 2016 for iOS, and while not the smash hit for Nintendo that they saw with Pokemon Go, plenty of people are playing on their iPhones.

If you want to make sure you are ready to go on March 23, you can pre-register for the game at Google Play right now so you'll be set when it launches.

Pre-register at Google Play (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I registered way before. Damn. Well 6 more days to go. I'm coming soon Mario. Lol
  • Old news.. I've already registered for my friends and family... Says it's incompatible with my device.
  • Too little too late. The buzz for this game is long past gone and since I watched everyone with an IPhone play it till they were bored, I know not to even download it. Treating potential customers like second-hand citizens has its repercussions Nintendo.
  • Totally agree.
  • Yup. Everyone downloaded it the night it was released, then uninstalled it within the next week. I would've been willing to download it if it was available to Android within that one week time frame, but after that week I realized it was just over hyped. Thanks, Nintendo, for coming in way too late haha.
  • Totally agree. If this game came to Android at least in the same month it would have been different. But now? We all know iPhone users refused to pay 10 dollars for an endless runner that only has 3 free levels.
  • I didn't like it at all and the waiting is ridiculous. I don't think people are sitting at home biting their nails in suspense, waiting to download it.
  • Wow that's pretty awesome :D at least we don't have to wait very long for the app to launch now :) I think I'm definitely going to be getting it on my Priv
  • You already waited an extra 3 months, what's a few days right. It's going to have a high install rate and a equally high uninstall rate.
  • I'm not paying $10 for that sh¡t lol.
  • You likely won't have to, I'm sure you'll be able to sideload a modded apk hours after SMR is launched.
  • Nintendo knows this and Mario run will need constant Internet connection for this exact reason.
  • Already played it on my friends iPhone. I'm not too excited for it lol
  • My Lilly Esin once in a blue moon got a new choice of the crop Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe by unavailable off of a laptop... flash it out .......................................
  • Old game at this point, should have launched on Android when it did IOS or at least shortly after, not months later. Won't even bother looking at it.
  • This is how the exclusive games industry works apple will of paid Nintendo for 3 months exclusive just like how Sony pay Activision for cod dlc 1st or how tomb raider was a exclusive on the Xbox before coming to pc and Sony console.
  • Not bother with the price at all as what really frustrates me and is the reason why I'm not buying it is that it requires internet connection to be able to play.
  • This game seems to have lost popularity very fast on iPhone. Not expecting it to be any better on Android. I want a proper Mario game!
  • Tried it on my iPad. Deleted it within minutes. Boring and not worth it..
  • Demanding people register, hilariously sad.
  • But to be fair, they aren't demanding people to register. It's a preregister Google Play has to notify people exactly when the game is available.
  • Stupid game for stupid people
  • Wow. Thanks for letting me know I'm stupid for enjoying something you do not. At least I no longer need to worry about trying to better myself after the wisdom you imparted on me.
  • Yw
  • Will this load on NVIDIA Shield TV?
  • This, definitely need this.
  • Would be more worth it if it did.
  • Been registered since January...eagerly waiting...
  • Ignore the haters. I have this on my iPad and it's well worth the $10. I agree it needs more content but for a couple of weeks I played the heck out of it which was worth the price.
  • Wow all the haters
  • meh...
  • My body is Reggie... and so is my phone.
  • Pre register for what?
  • To be notified when the game is available.
  • Yeah I played this on my iPad and after maybe 10 minutes stopped and never touched it... A DAMN 10 DOLLAR PAY WALL?
    I can just boot up Mario on my 3ds or my cracked Psp.
  • Glad to hear that Super Mario is back now. But we will not be able to enjoy it as we did on a joystick.
  • I pre-registered months ago. This is the perfect game for me to play when my Switch or Vita is out of battery. I remember all the hype around the time the game was initially released. Boy has that died down.
  • Screw that! they completely ignored android and now they're like oh hey here it is. Not going to bother with it, the excitement for it is waaaay over.
  • I just downloaded Super Mario Run. It's available now.