Square Enix announces Just Cause, Hitman, and Space Invaders for Android

Just Cause Mobile
Just Cause Mobile (Image credit: Square Enix)

What you need to know

  • Square Enix announced multiple titles coming to Android mobile.
  • These games include Just Cause, Hitman, and Space Invaders.
  • Space Invaders will be an augmented reality title for mobile.

A few mobile titles were announced during today's Square Enix Presents. It looks like the company is working on a new Just Cause, Hitman, and Space Invaders game for Android and iOS. Could they end up becoming some of the best Android games? We'll need to wait and see.

Just Cause Mobile is a free-to-play action shooter that features both single-player and multiplayer options. Familiar faces like Rico Rodriguez & Annika Svensson will show up to give players missions and intel as they work to stop a new mercenary group called Darkwater. Gameplay is presented in a top-down format but will feature in-game cutscenes and fully voiced characters.

Hitman Sniper Assassins is the next game up from Square Enix coming to Android and iOS, and it will contain a wholly new story. "Praised as one of the best mobile games available upon its release, Hitman Sniper raised the bar for player expectations of mobile sniper games," said Dominic Allaire, executive producer at Square Enix Montréal. "Project Hitman Sniper Assassins will be an evolutionary leap forward for the genre, and we can't wait for players to share our excitement when they get their hands on it in the coming months."

Hitman Sniper Assassins is expected to release later this year.

Lastly, Square Enix has teamed up with TAITO for a mobile Space Invaders game that has some augmented reality aspects. "We are extremely inspired by our collaboration with TAITO to re-imagine the Space Invaders franchise in a contemporary way while shaping it to our ambitious vision of what it can be on mobile," said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio of Square Enix Montréal "At Square Enix Montréal we are huge fans of the franchise and the team has risen to the challenge of showing how all-new technology can breathe fresh energy into a game as timeless as Space Invaders."

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