HTC 'developing a simple process' for update over a wire

Reason number 101 why making a "special" version of a phone for a carrier can be a bad idea — the Sprint EVO 4G LTE doesn't have a large enough partition to extract the OTA for the Android 4.3 update that was aimed for sometime this month. There's no way around this, so HTC is going to try something a bit different (at least for them).

They're developing what they call a simple process to update the EVO LTE for more advanced users. We don't know exactly what this will entail — and HTC isn't saying many details — but if we had to guess we imagine it will be packaged up as an RUU for folks to download and manually flash. In any case, HTC is starting up a trial for those who want to get in on the action, and the email address to sign-up is HTCTrial@htc.com.

It's great that they are trying to do something for the phone instead of leaving folks out in the cold when it comes to updates, but this could mean that this is the last update the EVO LTE ever sees. 

The sign-up email address above should be live sometime tonight, and we'll know more about the process once things get started.

Source: Reddit