Earlier in the week, some Google Maps users began seeing speed trap warnings pop up in the app to alert them of areas where speed cameras were being used to watch drivers going faster than they should. Now, just a couple days later, users are now reporting that Google Maps is getting a new speed limit feature.

Speed limits in Google Maps aren't technically new seeing as how they kind of launched in July 2017, but only in the San Franciso Bay Area in the United States and Rio de Janeiro over in Brazil. However, Android Police has received multiple tips that speed limits are now live for people in New York City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

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Based on these reports and the fact that Google Maps hasn't received an update on the Play Store recently, speed limits seem to be rolling out as part of a server-side change with no single location being targeted specifically.

It's kind of ridiculous it's taken Google this long to integrated speed limits into Maps, but either way, it's still exciting to see this starting to roll out.

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