Sony XZ Premium review: MrMobile's mirror-plated time machine

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is the first Sony smartphone to hit MrMobile's review roster, and it's not playing around. It's not every day you review a phone with a Snapdragon 835 and a 4K HDR display crammed into an ostentatious and water-resistant mirrored chassis, after all. But I've always found 4K screens on smartphones to be serious overkill, and the XZ Premium's high price combined with Sony's bizarre legal troubles that force it to disable fingerprint scanners on its US phones kept my expectations low when it came time to unbox this device.

That was two weeks ago, though, and my time with this phone since then has been nothing short of magical. Because the XZ Premium is more than just Sony's latest block of shiny glass: it's the only smartphone on the market that shoots video at 960 frames per second. And if you're rolling your eyes and saying "big deal," you need to put your eyes on just what kind of footage that frame rate makes possible. Fortunately, the above video gives you just that.

Join MrMobile for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium review, then be sure to check out Android Central's full review of the device -- and if you want to pick up one of your own, pay our friends at Clove Technology a visit. You'll be thanking them for lending MrMobile this review device ... and sparing yourself the inconvenience of a disabled fingerprint scanner in the process.

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