Skype Mobile for Android now works over 3G *and* Wifi (but still Verizon-only)

Great news for those of you rocking Skype Mobile on Android -- the app has been updated, and you can now make calls over Wifi, in addition to 3G. That means faster speeds, of course, and no more being forced to use Verizon's data, which is slower, costs you money, and was a pretty specious move to begin with. The bad news is that the Skype app is still exclusive to Verizon (wasn't that supposed to change at some point?). But as long as we're ending the night on a positive note, let's hope that soon changes, too. Thanks, @JasonAGrier

Update: We hear you, we hear you. Things aren't quite as they seem. We've done a little testing, and it turns out the update description was a little ahead of itself. Details here.

Phil Nickinson
  • Was so pumped!!!! haha just checked my Downloads and saw Skype update and was like "hmmm what could be it? Prob not Wifi..... OMGOSSHHH!!!" haha thanks for the shoutout ;-)
  • Crazy question, anyone tried using it over wifi yet. I'm at work and can't. But as I read over it, could it not simply mean that you can now run it while wifi is on which you couldn't do before?!
  • Verizon's not so bad after all. But they're still pretty bad. {{-_-}}
  • anybody have the apk?
  • Yes, would it be possible to get the .apk? I would certainly think so, But im not the expert atm. Anyone know?
  • What the hell is it with this "exclusive to verizon" crap anyway? What about the other 99% of us around the world who DON'T have verizon? Skype didn't pull this with the iphone, so why are they doing it with android? Add to that the fact they've removed skype from fring and it's just really frustrating.
  • yeah, im getting tired of this whole verizon exclusivity thing too.
    Stop being money hungry and lets share what should be available to every user. Its like allowing skype to only work on Win7 machines and not xp or vista. It's how i see it.
  • This is ridiculous. Wonder just how many people Skype have pissed of with this and made them find an alternative service. I sure am one of those... Nimbuzz works alright, but it's a bit too unstable for me to really be happy with it. As Skype is the only service in Nimbuzz I use, the whole multi-connectivity thing isn't really important for me. I just want Skype on my phone. I had it on my SE K800, my SE K850 and my SE C902. Why can't I have it on a phone that blows every Sony Ericsson phone out there to pieces?
  • hey.... i installed the updated Skype Mobile... but the app still tell me to switch off the wifi ... what is this... by the way... i m on Verizon -- Stock Incredible
  • Hey, would u mind sharing the .apk? Would love to test it on my Evo.
  • and how do i do that?
  • Here's the apk It's also telling me to turn off WiFi.
  • Thanks sed, gonna try it out on my evo. I'll update when i test.
  • had a feeling it wouldnt work. When i open the app it says "skype only work on verizon" im on evo, BS
  • same here on my N1, thanks anyways.
  • Finally. This is what the app was supposed to be in the first place. Now I might even use it. Be patient people. Probably avail to all at the end of the year.
  • Excellent. My 2nd Droid X arrives tomorrow. I use Skype quite a bit on my iPhone 4 when traveling and I was pretty annoyed that it had been neutered on Verizon. This and Google Voice are goig to be great.
  • Yeahhhhhhh. Recommend everyone gives this a read. Skype update doesn't allow Wifi after all.
  • Does Skype actually use 3g data to make the call? On the BB version of the Skype Client, it actually uses a voice channel, Verizon picks up the other end and connects you to Skype to carry the call to the destination. And what's with the dig about using VZ data? Is there anyone out there with an android on Verizon that's not got an unlimited data plan? Show of hands please?
  • Okay I'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't care for Skypemobile and it keeps popping up on my Incredible draining my battery. :( I've tried to keep it from doing so by un-clicking everything in the app properties section, but it keeps coming back! HELP!! :(
  • I can't find skype mobile in the android market. How do I get it?
  • Are you on vzw if not that's why
  • Bah I just got my Epic 4G. This is balls. Skype has to get on their game and make a client that works on all devices, even if all versions don't have video chat (i.e. phones that aren't the EVO or the Epic 4G on Sprint). I just got the apk and attempted an install, and yeah it bitches that it needs a Verizon phone. F U VRZW! >_>
  • I have Skype beta version installed on my EVO and it works. Haven't tried calling actual people yet, but chat and a Skype test call works good. Some bugs with new chat message notifications and if you exit to your home screen, hitting the Skype icon brings you to a login page again. I just hold the home button and pick Skype from my recent apps, this solves the problem.
    Here is the apk I used:
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