Is the OnePlus 6 worth buying over the Galaxy S9?

The OnePlus 6 offers one of the best value propositions in the smartphone space right now, providing customers a flagship-like phone experience for considerably less than a lot of the competition.

However, how does the phone hold up when paired against Samsung's Galaxy S9 series? Specifically, the Galaxy S9+.

One of our AC forum members recently purchased the OnePlus 6, but with Best Buy currently selling the S9+ for $300 off its retail price, is considering jumping ship to team Samsung.

They reached out to the community for some advice, and this was the response.

S9+ is by FAR a better phone. If they're even near each other in price, the OnePlus 6 would be the default loser.


If you care about the camera, then S9+ is the best of the two. If you care about software and updates,OnePlus 6 is the best of the two.


I have both and it is a really hard call. Ultimately it ends up that the OP takes the crown for speed and software but the S9+ IMO beats it on every other count. I probably should have gone for the 256gb as that negates the SD expansion of the S9 but overall despite the cost difference I’d still pick the S9+ Actually in the UK the LG G7 is not a million miles away price wise from the OnePlus...


S9+ by far, unless op6 is 300$ cheaper, it offer nothing over s9 except more frequent updates


What do you say? Is the OnePlus 6 a better purchase over the Galaxy S9?

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  • I have both. The OP6 is by far the best choice for anyone who fancies themselves a smartphone enthusiasts instead of an average smartphone user.
  • The 529.00 price is very nice. The s9 has all the toys. The s9 is my choice but the op6 if you want to save money. Both are great performers!
  • No, not by a mile. The notch alone makes the OP6 the phone to avoid.
  • You really should look at the 6 with the notch hide feature activated.
    The top and bottom bezel look the same and you just can't tell there is a notch.
    Hopefully android 9 will allow you to remove the status bar from the fake bezel and put it back under the camera and sensors.
    Then you really couldn't tell the difference.
  • The s9 plus in most ways.
    I don't even understand why people claim Oneplus is so fast in updates. Just because they had the P beta? Oneplus only has a slight edge in software although that could be down to preference
  • It's not that Oneplus is particularly fast with updates, it's just that Samsung is particularly slow with updates.
  • Well my S7 *still* hadn't received Oreo so I was glad to jump ship!
  • Love Oxygen and function of the Oneplus.
    But it's all about the camera for me so I will go S9.
    Would be happy with ether I'm sure and wouldn't argue with anyone who chooses the 6 for them.
  • OP, no question is a better device & software. The only thing S9 has over it is the camera.
  • Yup, and even at that, the OnePlus 6 camera is not bad it's just not as good as the awesome S9 camera. Really the S9 should be the choice of those who have camera as their number one requirement in a new smartphone. Other than that the OnePlus 6 is the way to go.
  • I think those who have camera as their very top priority, would go for one of the devices that have a better camera than the S9.
  • Correct
  • And that would be?
  • The Google Pixel 2 (and XL) both have a better camera for most situations. From what I've seen the iPhone X can give the S9 a run for its money in many situations too, but I've heard mixed opinions on which is better between them.
  • The Pixel 2's in some situations like Kevin mentioned. There is also the Huawei P20, P20 Pro, HTC U12 Plus, and in low light, there's the U11 and U11 Plus. However, in daylight I think I prefer the S9 over the U11 and U11 Plus. I also like the S9 Plus telephoto over the P20 Pro because of Huawei's processing making the images look like paintings.
  • With the possible exception of the P20 Pro (and in the US Huawei isn't really an option), all of those are comparable cameras but not better based on their DXO score.
  • It depends on the situation, which is why I stated the U11 and U11+ was better specifically for low light instead of saying it was just a better camera. The DxOMark scores are overall, which is why it's good to read their articles to get a better understanding of each cameras strong and weak points. There are also factors like the P20 Pro getting a good grade for sharpness of telephoto shots, despite those photos being unacceptable to some people who prefer a photo look like a photo instead of a watercolor painting. And despite the P20 Pro having a higher score, the 3rd party comparisons show the U12 photographs are frequently better. S9+ vs U11+ lowlight:
    U12 vs P20 Pro:
  • OP for the alert slider, ram, and software. S9 for the camera, display and wireless charging.
  • The OnePlus 6 is definitely worth buying over the S9 IMO.
  • Imo I've watched tons of YouTube videos comparing the cameras and the OP6 comes out on top in almost every situation but taking photos in the dark. I really don't think the s9+ has a supreme camera. Over saturated, blown out and selfies are just awful and beautified. The s9+ does have a great screen, expandable storage, wireless charging (if that's your thing), but OP6 has the better cam, speed, update frequency (with rooting) and charging speed
  • In my opinion, I say the OP6 would be better due to software. I have had a ton of problems with my S9. It has been lagging so bad that I have to restart it to get it to stop. Yes the camera is way better, but when I miss the moment due to software issues, it's just not worth it anymore. I'll be buying a white OP6 and getting rid of the S9
  • I can't believe how much snappier everything is on the OP6 and double or more the battery life too! Camera definitely better with Samsung, but OP software (and lack of pointless bloat) is streets ahead!
  • Right now, based on price, yes. Two months from now, no. The S9 will always have deals that bring it to oneplus price range, making it hard to recommend OnePlus that never has deals. An S9 with that infinity display, micro SD support, awesome camera at $550 or a OnePlus at $529? Definitely an S9.