Is the OnePlus 6 worth buying over the Galaxy S9?

The OnePlus 6 offers one of the best value propositions in the smartphone space right now, providing customers a flagship-like phone experience for considerably less than a lot of the competition.

However, how does the phone hold up when paired against Samsung's Galaxy S9 series? Specifically, the Galaxy S9+.

One of our AC forum members recently purchased the OnePlus 6, but with Best Buy currently selling the S9+ for $300 off its retail price, is considering jumping ship to team Samsung.

They reached out to the community for some advice, and this was the response.

S9+ is by FAR a better phone. If they're even near each other in price, the OnePlus 6 would be the default loser.


If you care about the camera, then S9+ is the best of the two. If you care about software and updates,OnePlus 6 is the best of the two.


I have both and it is a really hard call. Ultimately it ends up that the OP takes the crown for speed and software but the S9+ IMO beats it on every other count. I probably should have gone for the 256gb as that negates the SD expansion of the S9 but overall despite the cost difference I’d still pick the S9+ Actually in the UK the LG G7 is not a million miles away price wise from the OnePlus...


S9+ by far, unless op6 is 300$ cheaper, it offer nothing over s9 except more frequent updates


What do you say? Is the OnePlus 6 a better purchase over the Galaxy S9?

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