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Shall we play a game? WarGames: WOPR may be the best 99 cents you spend all week

Any self-respecting nerd out there has seen WarGames at least 30 times. If not, hit up Netflix and come back when you're appropriately familiar with Joshua and the WOPR and Global Thermonuclear War. (And that applies to those of you too young to have ever seen the 1983 Matthew Broderick/Ally Sheedy flick.)

WarGames: WOPR brings the characters and rough storyline of the movie to your Android (and iOS) phones and tablets. The game itself is a basic puzzle game -- you make strings of three or more objects to remove them from the board. But you also have to defeat an opponent. You're the WOPR, playing against characters from the film. Launch missiles to beat them, collect cash, and basically try to destroy the planet in simulation. There are power-ups to be purchased along the way, and you'll have to snag them wisely to beat the latter levels. (And, of course, there's in-app purchasing to get more in-game cash so you can get the upgrades quicker.)

I've been surprisingly entertained by WarGames: WOPR. Maybe it's the fun of seeing the characters again. Maybe it's the sound effects, which have been pulled straight from the film. Maybe it's just the nerd in me remembering how cool it was to pretend we could use our modems to dial in (kids -- have your parents explain) to some strange company and learn its secrets. Or change our grades. 

Either way, this might well by the best buck you spend this week. And unlike the message of the movie, where the only winning move was not to play, you're going to have a hard time putting this one down.

We've got a slew of in-game screen shots for you after the break.

Download: WarGames: WOPR (opens in new tab)

  • Who can tell me who came up with the idea about reproduction without sex? um....your wife? Classic movie.
  • WHAT?!?! This. Is. AWESOME!!! *grabs debit card*
  • Joshua called me...
  • Awesome.... Talk about taking me back to my teenage days... I still watch this every time its on... Time to go scrap up 99 cents.
  • Eh. I'd rather play a game of tic tac toe.
  • Obviously you have no appreciation for the theme.
  • Really? Even if I set it to number of players: zero.
  • Phil is a liar. :) It isn't in netflix. At least not for the watch instantly. Got me all excited, now I guess I will actually have to do work today.
  • 21 year old ally sheedy..son of a bitch
  • The WOPR only wishes it was half as powerful at today's phones. Poor WOPR. *pat pat pat*
  • A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?
  • I wonder if my dusty old Walkman can still be used to open doors.
  • Wow, I forgot how much I loved this movie! Time to make a wargames theme for my phone!
  • Looks like it's worth dropping $0.99. Been a while since I've watched the movie.
  • Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War.
  • "Joshua, what are you doing?"
  • If I can set it to zero players, I will buy it
  • This is a great game!
  • Oh my god, I love this game. The graphics, the music, Joshua's voice, everything. It reminds me of something I would have spent lots of quarters on in 80s arcades.
  • I CANT STOP.........
  • DAMMIT - Purchased !