HTC Sense 6 updates

In the name of transparency, HTC has just updated its software update support page to indicate that several variants of the HTC One (M7) and One Max are one step closer to a Sense 6 software update. Coming up just a week after HTC let everyone know that the Sense 6 update was on its way and in "integration" (that's step 2 of 4), the page has been updated to reflect that nearly every version is now up to the next step, "certification."

Across the U.S. and Canada, every version of the HTC One (M7) is bumped up to certification aside from the T-Mobile version, which is still in "development" (step 1). The One Max from both Sprint and Verizon is in certification, but the One Mini on both Rogers and AT&T is still stuck on integration.

The next step, if you look at HTC's handy chart, will be "push to customer," although that doesn't mean that the updates are necessarily going to hit another week from now. HTC has previously claimed that all One (M7) variants will get the update by the end of May, and it looks like they will hit that goal at this rate.

Source: HTC U.S.; HTC Canada