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Seidio Innocase Active X for the Mesmerize and Fascinate case review

We love getting guest writers for reviews -- it gives you guys the perspective of the user, whether they be a casual one, hardcore smartphone geek, or someone in-between.  This time around Android Central forums adviser Runs with scissors gives his take on the Seidio Innocase Active X case on his Mesmerize.  I won't spoil it for you, it's all after the break along with a few more pictures.  Big thanks go out to ya, Runs with scissors!

If you're interested in purchasing the Seidio Innocase Active X for the Samsung Mesmerize, or the Samsung Fascinate, you can find it in Black, Blue, Burgundy or Amethyst for $24.95 in the Android Central store. 

Anyone who has been in the smartphone game for any amount of time knows that if you really want ultimate protection for your phone, you generally look for a case whose name starts with otter and rhymes with box. Having used their products, I can say that they do offer a great deal of protection. However, that protection comes with quite the price tag.

Personally, I love how my Mesmerize (twin brother to the Fascinate) feels in the hand without case, even if it is a bit slick. But lately the kids have really been nagging me to let them play angry birds, and I really would not appreciate a broken phone. So I began to look at protective cases.

Besides the prohibitive price tag of the aforementioned case, my experience with the Blackberry and iPhone version of the Otterbox Defender was that it was extremely bulky, and a real pain to get off if you needed to get at the battery – Blackberry, all the time; iPhone, well, you know. So I began perusing the Android Central Store for a case that offered some shock protection if dropped, but without the heft and added bulk, and with an affordable price tag.

Enter the Seidio Innocase Active X for the Samsung Mesmerize/Fascinate. The case starts out as what seems at first to be your typical “silicone skin”. However, it has that special Seidio goodness, that mystical soft touch that really appeals to someone with sensory issues. OK, I’m embellishing slightly. But it does feel pretty good to the touch. The rubber case portion goes on easy enough; enough stretch to get around the edges of the phone, enough tightness to stay tight around the edges.

Then comes the part that originally caught my eye when I was shopping for cases. The second layer of the case is a hard skeleton that fits snugly over the back of the phone. The skeleton has clips on all four corners of the case, as well as one on each midsection of the phone. These clips really keep the rubber overlay in place. That’s one grievance I’ve always had against silicone/rubber cases; you attempt to put it in a pocket or purse, and the skin catches and stretches. With the skeleton overlay, this doesn’t happen.

Now I haven’t dropped the phone with the case on, and I don’t plan to. But the case seems to me that it will provide some good shock protection against your everyday drops and falls – unless that drop is in the toilet!

I also sprang for the Seidio belt holster fitted for the Active X. The holster is the typical Seidio holster – a bit overpriced for what you get. Personally I feel that if I’m already springing for their case, they should cut me more of a deal for the holster. But it is what it is.

Pros: The case has a really nice feel to it; not to tacky, and not too slick. The rubber case has finger grips built in, so you get a nice hold on the case. It doesn’t add too much bulk, which was something I was worried about. Also the case is easily removable; if you’re flashing roms quite often and need access to the battery, this is something important to consider. No plastic snaps or things of that nature to worry about breaking removing it. Cutouts all line up, and the camera flash works fine with no reflective distortion.

Cons: One negative I have is that the headphone jack cutout is rounded, preventing a squared headphone jack from staying plugged in. The other negative that affects me almost daily, is that the rubber at the very top of the case always stretches down if you try to just “snap” the phone into the holster. The plastic skeleton would be perfect if it had a clip on the top to hold the rubber case down. You can get around this by raising the spring clip on the holster as you put the phone in, but it would be nice if you could just snap it in.

Overall: I give the Seidio Innocase Active X for the Samsung Memserize/Fascinate a 4 out of 5. This case can be used with either phone. Shipping through the Android Central store was quick, and an email with tracking info was received the same day. I think this is one case I will keep on my phone for a while.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I love this case on the Thunderbolt. It gives great protection and fits well. I don't like the membrane on otterbox defender cases over the screen, it distorts the clarity.
  • nice case but WHERE IS THE FREAKING FROYO?!?!?!? (fascinate)
  • Got this case a few days ago, really like it. Easy on and off when I switch batteries.