Security-focused Blackphone decides on Tegra 4i

The super-security focused Blackphone was first announced at Mobile World Congress in February, but today we're learning a little more about what makes it tick. Initial launch materials didn't specify exactly which CPU would be powering the Blackphone, but today sees the announcement that it will in fact be a Tegra 4i.

The Blackphone isn't really about the hardware – though the 4.7-inch HD IPS display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and 8MP camera aren't exactly low-end – but about the software it calles PrivatOS. It's Android, sure, but customized to meet the needs of the Blackphone.

Phones still aren't scheduled to ship until June and the initial batch of pre-orders has sold out.

Source: Blackphone

Richard Devine
  • Pre orders sold out? No doubt my local drug dealer is patiently waiting on the postman Posted via Android Central App
  • Your local drug dealer probably uses a feature phone that's pay-as-you-go as his or her "work" phone :P Posted from my TARDIS!
  • Probably we Europeans having enough to be spied out by the NSA.
    Or there are just some people in the USA smart enough to protect their privacy. You'll never know who is your next presdient.
  • US citizens don't care about their constutional rights. They freely give them up every day. This phone on a US carrier (or a 5 eyes partner) will be as secure as a normal phone. Just more targeted. Posted via Android Central App on my all new One
  • From Canada here. What are you sharing on your phone that is so unbelievably sensitive? If I worked for a pharmaceutical agency, military tech, spy agency, etc, I would be concerned. But, if the NSA wants to know where I ate a burrito? I couldn't care less lol. I don't know why everyone is so concerned with the NSA thing. Do you really think they give a crap about you? With that said, I do see a need for this product. There certainly are parties out there that have a need for such privacy from the US and other governments (Canada and CSIS included) but I think most people overstate their needs for privacy. This overstatement harms the use of crowd driven services into developing into better products.
  • gmaninvan, It's not about letting them know you went to go get a burrito. It's about letting them know anything that isn't any of their damn business. If some random stranger came up to you and told you what you did last week at 5:00 pm, wouldn't you react a bit harshly? This is the same thing. These complete strangers have access to pretty much everything about you. It's creepy, and it's wrong of them.
  • Great for nvidia! via moto x.
  • The NSA can get secret court orders that will have Blackphones spilling their guts to them in an instant. People who care about privacy probably use those prepaid packaged flip phones and throw them away right after. The fact these phones seem to be sold with more privacy in mind means they will probably be targeted more by the NSA or whoever.
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • Unless you really need a phone with such high security this won't appeal to that many people I wouldn't have thought.
  • I agree, who needs security when we are talking about bank accounts, PayPal, your SS number, and other transactions that are done every day in our phones. Wake up people, your devices and phones are completely unsecure.
    Until you take a stand with your local government, back doors will leave you vulnerable to thieves and the NSA. Posted via Android Central App on my all new One
  • I see the tin hats are out today.. This is a highly important product for anyone that works with confidential information, doctors, police, government, or anyone with industry secrets and unpatented products. I doubt this it trying to cater to the government-phobia people. Since, as stated, the govt can get wiretaps whenever they please. (Thanks, Patriot Act!..) Posted via Android Central App
  • Remember folks, encryption on one end and not the other is not encryption! Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}