Saygus V2 boasts up to 320 GB storage, root access out of the box

As promised, Saygus announced details of their new Android handset at CES, and it's clearly built for technophiles. The V2 packs 60 GHz Wi-Fi support, which enables software-free media streaming to other devices. It also comes with multi-boot capability for running apps on a microSD memory card, and root access right away. Combined internal and external storage can add up to 320 GB, which is no mean feat.

Besides that, the V2 has a 21 megapixel camera on the back and 13 megapixel camera on the front, both with optical image stabilization. It's waterproof, has a fingerprint scanner, and a 1080p 5-inch display. According to the earlier announcement, under the hood is a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor. The Saygus V2 aims to ship in early 2015, with pre-orders starting this month. No word on how much exactly the V2 will cost, though they say it will be "$100 less than competing Android-based smartphones". Here are a few more details from the press release.

Saygus Launches Super Smartphone, Saygus V2 (V-Squared)

The Promise of a New World-Class Smartphone Is Realized With the Saygus V2, One of the World's Best

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) - (CES booth 36736) - The progressive American smartphone manufacturer, Saygus, today announced the launch of the Saygus V2 (pronounced V-Squared) from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hailed as a "super smartphone", the Saygus V2 delivers a stunning array of industry-first, high-end features and components.

"The promise of a Saygus super smartphone is here with the Saygus V2!" said Chad Sayers, Founder of Saygus. "The Saygus V2 is the embodiment of what we believe consumers want in a mobile device. Our super smartphone takes the best functionality and usability of current high-end smartphones and adds an unparalleled level of innovation with several features that are unique to the V2. The V2 provides consumers with many high-demand functionalities not presently found in the marketplace. Industry-first wireless HD gaming and movie beaming technology, state-of-the-art 3D sound, a whopping 320GB of potential storage capacity to enable power multimedia use and about a dozen other new, industry-first features that will provide consumers with an unprecedented mobile device experience."

Optical image stabilization (OIS) in both the rear (21MP) and front (13MP) cameras, waterproofed IPX7 "swimmable" capability, sunlight viewability, 3100 mAh battery with 50% battery savings chip (approx. 4600 mAh), and a compact biometric fingerprint side scanner make the V2 perfect for the video-loving, game-playing, photo-taking, audio-consuming user.

The V2 was created from the ground up to offer a feature set that would take the smartphone to a new level. Numerous exclusive features are packed into a 1080p FHD 5" borderless screen. The V2 is housed in a hardened Kevlar protective edge with durable anodized brushed aluminum sides, a strong lightweight magnesium mid-frame and a resilient soft-touch back coating in a tough fiberglass body of less than 10mm in width. With access to CDMA and GSM wireless technologies, the V2 is a world phone designed to be used and enjoyed by people around the globe. The Saygus V2 was recognized as a 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Wireless Handset category. This is the second CES Innovation Award the company has received.

The product is scheduled to begin shipping early 2015 and pre-orders will begin in January.

Source: Marketwired

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