Satiate your hunger with a scrumptious food-themed wallpaper!

Food is delicious, sometimes nutritious, and comes in so many shapes, forms, colors, tastes, and types. Food is everywhere, a lot of people take it for granted, and with the right tools, you can turn even the simplest and most popular foods into an edible art form. Sounds a lot like one of my other loves: Android theming. So it's only right that we bring the two together and make your stomach growl the way mine does every time Lammes Candies' talks about Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


False alarm, sweetie, they're not coming back 'til the fall.


Chocolate Chip Cannoli. Do I really need to say more? I do? Okay. Look at the perfect crisp of the shells, the snowy dusting of the powdered sugar. Look at that delectable ricotta mascarpone filling. Well, it's a little hard to look at it because each and every inch of this amazing filling has been covered with tiny, adorable, delectable miniature chocolate chips. When is dessert getting here?!

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cannoli by /u/ragsy1224

beautiful bread

Bread wasn't the base of the food pyramid for decades for nothing. Bread is an edible hug and the basis of so many dishes. Good bread is a meal unto itself, and with bread as fluffy and perfect as this Bahn mi, it could very well make me a wonderful breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack, depending on how much butter, jam, honey, or peanut butter is around…

Nah, I'll just eat it straight up. NOM.

Bánh mì by /u/LittleVietmeomeo

Who's got a napkin?

This looks messy and sticky and I think there's a lucky, lucky bastard somewhere who absolutely destroyed this mountain of perfectly grilled poultry. Forget deep fat drying, we need expertly grilled with wonderfully caramelized sauces! This succulent meal may be long gone, but this perfect picture of summer backyard grilling can forever taunt you from your home screen.

Grilled barbeque chicken legs with Bone Sucking brand rub and homemade sauce by /u/Under_Ach1ever

Hey, tots.

The french fry may forever be the favorite, but there's something about a perfectly crispy, crunchy tater tot that will forever captivate the hearts of many a fried food foodie. And while the BLT here is crispy and I'm sure it was scrumptious, the star here are those perfectly seasoned, GBD (Golden Brown & Delicious) tots. You just want to put a few dozen in a brown paper bag and munch on them while you go walk around a street fair.

BLT with Tater Tots by /u/GeekGroovy

Painting the cupcakes red

If this is truly this Redditor's first time baking cupcakes, they've got a future in the business, because these are cupcakes I want to see at Walt Disney World when I'm walking up to Cinderella Castle. Or while I'm walking up to the Mad Tea Party, because it looks like Alice is painting the roses red with the beautiful marbled transition from red roses to white here. I want to eat them all, damn the tummy ache that will follow!


First time cupcakes by /u/mang0es

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