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In an effort to stop Apple from imposing a sales ban on their products in the U.S., Samsung is seeking to have Apple disclose the terms of their patent settlement with HTC. The grounds for the court request are that the patents in question may be related to those that Apple had claimed were infringed upon by Samsung - in particular, user experience patents which Apple had previously refused to license to anyone. If they turned around and licensed these patents to HTC, Apple will have a hard time convincing courts that the $1 billion in compensation isn't enough to keep them happy. 

Though a sales ban is seeming increasingly unlikely for this particular case, Apple and Samsung will be duking it out in courts well into 2014, and the outcome of this request could easily set the stage for patent disputes to come. 

It's great to see that Apple may be put in a position where they have to license their more ridiculous patents more freely, but one still has to wonder what made Apple ease up and accept a settlement with HTC in the first place. Any ideas? Maybe Tim Cook wants to relax Apple's image a bit, or maybe just save on legal fees? 

Via: Reuters