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The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and its supposed insane 1440p screen haven't stopped swirling, and now we've got a report of a release time frame: June. The report, which comes from the South Korea's Asia Today, says that the Galaxy S5 Prime is looking at a June launch, and that Samsung intends to focus solely on the European and American markets.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is already reported to carry that QHD 1440p display and fancy new Intel-provided LTE. While we can't confirm (and Samsung would no doubt talk their way around) that June release date, it does seem surprisingly soon for a higher-powered version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come on to the scene. It was just earlier this month that the Galaxy S5 launched — a three month gap between the two could cause all sorts of customer sentiment issues for Samsung, not to mention eating into sales of the Galaxy S5 from those buyers that have a need to have the latest gadget. That said, we have no idea how Samsung would price this device Prime, though a profit-padding premium of the Galaxy S5 seems all but certain.

Source: 아시아투데이 (Asia Today); Via: SamMobile