Samsung explains what makes the Galaxy S5 display so good to look at

Samsung has run through some of the major features of the display on the Galaxy S5. These include some subtle things like contrast enhancement in bright conditions, which improves viewing in outdoor conditions, and being able to adapt saturation and sharpness to meet the color range of ambient conditions so, for example, the screen gets a bit more yellow under blue lighting. We can see both of these qualities demonstrated in the animated GIFs below. 

As usual, Samsung is boasting about the contrast ratio and color gamut on their Super AMOLED displays, which apparently blow LCD out of the water. They're also saying touch responsiveness is the best in the market at 0.01 ms under any weather conditions.

You won't find anybody around here that isn't impressed at the technical prowess of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but how it all its parts come together is another challenge altogether, addressed in our review. Any new S5 owners around here? How impressed are you by the display? 

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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