Samsung boasts 5 million Galaxy Notes sold worldwide

It's been less than a month since we heard reports of Samsung selling its second million Galaxy Note, but already the manufacturer's official numbers have reached more than double that. Today Samsung Korea has revealed that it's sold 5 million Galaxy Notes worldwide. The new figure means the manufacturer's well on its way to reaching its reported 2012 target of 10 million global Note sales.

The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, which launched in Europe in late October, will have seen a boost in sales following its launch in North America last month. Despite its enormous size and focus on pen input, it's proved to be a surprising success, shifting over 1 million units in Europe and Asia by the end of 2011, before reaching the 5 million milestone after its fifth month on sale. Even elephants are getting in on the stylus-based action.

Today's number is still dwarfed by sales of the Galaxy S II, which currently stand at over 20 million worldwide, with more than 5 million in Samsung's home territory of South Korea. Samsung recently expanded the Note line with the Galaxy Note 10.1, which we got to play with at last month's Mobile World Congress.

Source: Samsung Korea; via: Slashgear

Alex Dobie
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  • I don't get this. Is it just that people want a smaller tablet, or a HUUUUUUGE phone? I mean, i could see if this thing was just a straight-up wifi tablet. Small size, compact form factor (for a tablet) and nice feature set. But with a cell radio? Now you have to either have TWO phone plans (one for your phone, another for your tablet, which I find utterly stupid and wasteful.) OR you have to use the tablet as your phone. A really, really, really big phone. That you can't fit in your pocket. Or hold up to your ear without looking like an idiot. Yeeeeahhh.... No. Personally, I don't even understand why phone screens got to 4". Let alone a phone-tablet crossover that's as big as a book. Just. Don't. Get. It.
  • Loser!
  • Wow. What an insightful and cogent reply. I'll be sure to reconsider my opinion right away. NOT. Allow me to respond in kind: STFU and GTFO! Thank you.
  • I hope Samsung doesn't sell too many of it like iPhones than I'll move on to other devices soon. I hate people on the street everyone has an iPhone even elementy school kids. Soooo tired of seeing that and got rid of mine now. How do I like it now? Just read or at&t users review I feel same as many of those users.
  • Totally agree with Katrina. It isn't a Apple and Samsung contest. These are selling because it is the device that suits people's needs. To argue against that with the only point being you're nothing but a fanboy with tunnel vision< I would have to agree on Katrina's assessment. Android is for people who can think for themselves. If Mr. Google said you can't have flash because it is not good for you, we say FU, we will choose what we can and can't do. Apple users just pull their pants down, bend over, and spread their wallet open to over pay for pretty much the exact same thing.
  • Get bigger pockets.
  • Note is a gadget, a mobile device, a phone or a tablet.
    and who the F cares? stop hating. you didn't buy it, i didn't buy it.
    i'm happy with my GNex.
    4" is too big for you. to some people, it's perfect. if you don't get it,
    go back to your iphone or xperia mini or don't come back to android central cuz you won't really see a superphone that's smaller than 4.3" now.
  • It's not "hating" to dislike the currently gargantuan sizes of phones. Clearly, the current trend in Android phones is a "race to the 'hugestiest'" without regard to practicality. Clearly, there is a market for such devices, otherwise Samsung wouldn't have sold so many. My point is that I just don't understand the appeal of such a large screen size in what is ostensibly supposed to be a mobile phone. I mean, how the hell are you supposed to carry the thing once summer rolls around and you're wearing shorts? I should note that I am NOT an Apple user. I LOATHE iOS, even thought I do like the iPhone construction and size. I am currently a Sprint Pre- user (which you would have known if you had looked at some of my past comments. I mention it frequently.) and am awaiting the arrival of the G-Nex on Sprint to move to Android. I still think the G-Nex is a bit on the "larg-ish" side, but as a slightly smaller than average phone, I'm willing to live with it. And what is with the "don't come back to android central" crap? Are you SO afraid of a difference of opinion that you would drive off those that disagree with you? Wow. Talk about immature and short-sighted thinking. Of course, this IS the Internet, where even the nice people are assholes, so I suppose I should know better by now. Still, I thought that the community here would be better than that. Apparently not. Oh well, doesn't matter to me. you wanna be that way, have fun. I'll just ignore it and continue to drive you batty with my difference of opinion. Muwaahahahaha~!
  • I actually have a Note. I can see it not being for everyone, but I will try explaining this to you. The phone only seems big for like the first hour you have it. After that it seems like a normal size, and everything else looks ridiculously small. My previous phone was a samsung captivate (galaxy S) that has a 4in screen. Now when I pick that up it seems so tiny and I don't know how I could have used it. I have absolutely no problem carrying the phone. It goes into my front pocket with no problem and doesn't bulge or anything worse then my old 4in phone (jeans or dress pants). It has already been in the 70s here and I have no problem carrying it in my pocket while wearing shorts. There has not been a single time it has been a problem being in my pocket, and most of the time I forget its there. The only problem you would have putting it in a pocket is if you are a girl (generally tighter clothes with smaller pockets) or one of those guys who wear the skin tight pants. I love the phone, the large screen actually makes the internet useful. I can look at websites and not have to zoom in to read and have to scroll side to side. Google maps is awesome because you can see a much larger area at one time, games are better since you get a larger screen, and videos look awesome on it. I can navigate around with one hand just as much as I could with my last phone. And making calls on it is not a problem at all. I don't care what random people are thinking about the phone im holding to my head. Besides the screen size, its a powerful phone, gets good battery life, and yes even the "S pen" can be useful from time to time. Honestly, it seems you are just too hung up on the screen size to see what an awesome phone it really is. If you had the chance to use it for an extended period of time I bet your opinion would change. While it still might not be the right phone for you, you would see why so many people like it. And before you start thinking im some 7ft giant, I am only 6ft tall and probably average size hands for my height.
  • i hate how all the phones are getting huge also. my gnex is pretty big too. but i bought it cuz i wanted the Nexus, no choice. but i would say this is the biggest i'll ever go. and of course i don't like the Note's size either, so it's not for me.
    it's for some people though. i just didn't like the tone of your comment. it was just whiny.
    you don't have to understand everyone and everything cuz YOU CAN'T.
  • or you end up making a post like this that makes you look like an idiot. Just because you like small phone doesn't mean everyone else has to
  • Never said anyone DID have to. Just saying I don't personally understand why people would want one. BTW, insulting me isn't likely to convince me of the veracity of your position.
  • I wish this phone is coming to Sprint. I don't want to carry two devices. Come on Sprint BRING THIS PHONE
  • I don't get it...that you don't get it. If this device meets your needs for both a smartphone and data plan. I don't get it.... that you don't get it. If you have an iPhone and a 4g have two data plans. I don't get it...that you don't get it. There is no right screen size for a smartphone. You like that tiny little 3.5"..go for it. But people like to have a choice. I don't get it...that you don't get it. What is idiotic, geeky, funny, nerdy in the eye of the beholder. Holding a Note sized device to your ear to talk is no more idiotic, geeky, nerdy...than talking to your phone (Siri). I don't get it...that you don't get it. Get over it
  • There are some with hands so small that they can comfortably use a phone under 4". But there are also people with medium and large hands. Fortunately Android phones come in small and medium and finally the technology is allowing larger phones. Four years ago everyone bought little phones because we had no choice. In 2009. 4" seemed big.
    In 2010, 4.3 " seemed big.
    In 2011, 4.7 " seemed big.
    2012 is the year of the Note. Hands come in all sizes. That's why there are different sizes of gloves and now phones. Freedom of Choice is good.
  • The funny thing is, I actually agree with you. I LIKE the idea of choice. The problem is that the handset makers DO NOT agree. If you want a top-flight phone, you are stuck with GIGANTOR PHONE. If you want something smaller and more discreet, you are stuck with last year's (or older!) version of Android, slower processor (single core only!) an inadequate amount of RAM, and a general lack of features. This is NOT choice. Choice would be: "Flagship class" internals on a smaller form-factor phone IN ADDITION to the "Giant" phones. There's no reason why they can't make them. But the manufacturers have become obsessed with the constant "embiggening" of their phones, leaving those of us that want small AND powerful behind. It's upsetting and frustrating to be told over and over "Android is all about choice" but to not actually HAVE the choice available. I'm glad that people who want "El Gigante" for a phone are able to have it, and I wouldn't want them to lose that option. I just want equal time for people like me. Is that so much to ask?
  • Now /\This Post/\ makes sense. For awhile there I thought you were trollin, they hatin'... But you're correct. The small phones are almost at dumbphone level. Like Pantechs and sliders and so on.
  • When little phones were the only option, everyone bought little phones. A year ago, Android Central asked 5,000, users from each carrier, what phone they wanted next. Over two-thirds wanted the biggest sizes available on their carriers. Carriers and manufacturers are not releasing little flagship phones because they don't sell well, at least right now. Makers are going to keep offering larger phones as the technology progresses. At some point if they make one bigger than people want, it won't sell. Next up come the edge-to-edge, small bezel displays. You will see a 6" display in a Note size case. That will be amazing. Oh, and at $200 gross unit profit margin is a billion dollars in profits on 5 million Notes in 5 months. The Note has already grossed $3 billion.
  • It's the best smartphone yet, fast 30mb down, bgger screen, and android Is can make bacassilay anything on my screen. it fit any means. No way even 4.3" screen I can go down. You just will realize how stupid You are, only matter of time.
  • As far as the size goes; one size does not fit all. I am 6'6" and over 300 pounds and have huge hands. 4" phones are the ones that make me look like an idiot, I feel like I am holding a toy in my hand. As soon as this comes to Sprint, I am all over this thing! I have a wifi-only tablet (the TouchPad running Android) so I don't need 2 plans. I want a big phone that fits ME. If you don't like the choices that you have with Android phones, then get an iPhone. Won't offend me.
  • 5 million Galaxy Note users get it though
  • I get it, I actually got it and love it, and now will never do without it. After using this masterpiece of technology and convenience for the past 5 months, I will never go back to a smaller phone. I went from swapping out phones every few months to not even being interested in whats on the horizon anymore. The Galaxy Note 2 for the win! That's the only time I am changing my phone unless something with an identical form factor and superior specs and features show up. It kills me that people could be so passionate about their subjective preferences like it supposed to be the law of the land. Plenty of choices exist for those who don't like it. What I personally don't get is how people are content with struggling to do things like surfing the web and watching videos on a miniature screen when far better, more practical alternatives exist.....SMDH.....
  • Have you ever used one yourself? I am only 5'9" and it fits my pocket just fine, I don't wear loose fitting pants either. The phone IS pretty big, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad. I am an industrial designer and an illustrator, I sit in meetings quite often, I get to take notes on my phone with precision pen. I can sit outside in the park and still do my design sketches, I didn't have to bring my tablet or sketch book. It's a nice device. Maybe this is trash to you, but it's godsend to me, and I normally dislike Samsung products.
  • I understand how such a device may be trivial to some, however, you must consider the pros and cons for the individual themselves. For instance, the best of both worlds would be the galaxy note....If you are 6'4, 300lbs of human being, with hands the size of a cherry picker attachment for a John Deere product, such as myself. The Note would offer more versitility for me, as my EVO 4G and 3D have failed..and miserabley. I do understand your point as well. Overall, with the absence of a forgiving carrier, would also create 2yrs if your life that you could never get back. With that being said, hopefully you can grasp the concept of why the phone is at all existent.
  • Then dont buy galaxy note. Duh!
  • I had considered this phone until I started having issues with the Samsung I have now. I like the bigger screen. But I also carry my phone in my purse most of the time. Also thinking I would definitely need to get a Bluetooth headset. To each their own. Just hope they manage to update this better than some of the other phones they have...
  • I'm just praying this device will be available soon from Sprint. This is the perfect device for having true unlimited everything. And a perfect upgrade as the last under Sprint's Premier program, especially with the switch to LTE coming soon (we hope).
  • I don't see a problem with the note in size simply because most users of phones either use a Bluetooth or wired headset.. now hip holster is going to be a problem...unless they figure out some way to do it without it being bulky
  • 5.3 is wayyy too big!!! I think 4.3-4.7 is perfect.
  • IMO it shows the weakness of the tablet market. Many people(Apple fans aside) would be just as happy with a larger screened phone that can easily do most everything a tablet can as opposed to carrying two separate devices.
  • I totally agree. The goal for me was always to have a practical all in one device and this is it. I have my phone and tablet- computer on me at all times.
  • @ experiment626: You have a good point! So what your saying the Note is a good middle ground between a smartphone & tablet. I don't want a tablet, I prefer a laptop.
  • Yes, just as the higher-quality cameras on newer smartphones are really starting to take a bite out of lower-end point & shoot digital camera sales.
  • If you don't like the size don't buy it. But there's good market for big devises Samsung proved that so everyone needs to stop telling what's to big for everything else.
  • I believe I was #1,135,426. I have generally found since I have my Note that those who don't have it either are fascinated or not, but I have yet to meet the person who got one who wishes they did not. The circle I am in on G+ has 450 Note users who LOVE this phone. Right now I am enjoying watching the A's vs M's on my HD screen. It's the Galaxy Note!
  • And I think that they would sell a LOT MORE if they offered a Sprint/Verizon version... or at least a wifi-only version. I actually went and bought a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 to carry around with my Verizon iPhone 4, because I wanted a 5" screen for my organizer. 7" tablets were ok, but I returned them because they were too big to carry in anything but a jacket pocket. The Galaxy player 5.0 is awesome, but its probably not getting upgraded to ICS, it doesnt have the awesome stylus, and the screen resolution is kinda low; a wifi-only version of the Note would be nice. It also has become clear to me that a person who complains about how "unfathomably big" a 5" screen is has probably never used one. I can slip the Galaxy Player in my pocket just as easy as the iPhone (and I wear plain, dress casual khaki pants while at work; nothing baggy). It's not hard to use with one hand for me, but might be a little big for small hands. However, having a 5" screen DOES work nicely as a GPS, makes for easier reading of web pages, and simplifies typing on the on-screen keyboard. I use my smartphone more as an organizer/internet device these days, less as a phone. When I do make calls, its usually on speakerphone or over bluetooth, so I rarely have to hold it to my ear (in my situation, I doubt I would feel awkward using a Galaxy Note as a phone). Having a larger screen lets it do everything I need a smartphone for, better.
  • Some of you people really need to get lives. Complaining for hours about a phone you neither own, or want to own, may be the least productive use of discourse I've ever seen! Here's a tip: No one cares if you like the phone, or if you don't like the phone.
  • Probably this is the max size you can always carry in your jeans pocket. I have a HTC Thunderbolt but sometimes feel its screen is a little too small for a practical web browsing or watching movies, so bought a Kindle Fire. Then, I realized that 7 inch Kindle Fire is too big to always carry around with me. I guess this is why a lot of people are buying Galaxy Note now.
  • WOW there is a lot of phone envy in here lol. i have Infuse 4g screen size 4.5(phone envy) and when i got that last June i heard the same thing all the note users are getting cause the haters really like it but dont want to be the black sheep of the social circle. to all the note users F the haters cause your phone is better than theirs. Infuse 4g 4.5 screen phone envy lol
  • I would love to be one of the 5 M + users out there and would by this device in a heartbeat but there are two things preventing this from happening. Its not available on Sprint and I'm not to crazy about Samsung phones. I don't have or need a tablet, I'm always on my phone and its always with me, so this device would suite people like me. I wish other OEM'S like HTC would make a similar device.
  • I would love to be one of the 5 M + users out there and would buy this device in a heartbeat but there are two things preventing this from happening. Its not available on Sprint and I'm not to crazy about Samsung phones.I don't have or need a tablet, I'm always on my phone and its always with me, so this device would suite people like me. I wish other OEM's like HTC would make a similar device.
  • I am a proud, ICS loving, small man, big phone toting owner of a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. That being said....I WANT THE NOTE, AND I WANT IT NOW!!!! Hey Verizon, do you hear me now???? That is all : )
  • For me it's about visibility. I'm turning 50 this year, and it can be hard to see small things with my glasses on. The 5.3" screen is much better than 4.3". The only problem with the Note is that it isn't offered on Verizon. First rate phone with second rate phone service.
  • Verizon is supposed to get their version of the Note this summer. I assume AT&T has exclusive rights to the Note until then.
  • What a lot people don't get about the Note (even At&t Reps) is that it's not merely a smartphone. As long as people think of it as just a smartphone, they unfortunately miss the incredible genius of bringing this to market. It's an all-in-one mobile computing device. The features of a smartphone, visibility of a tablet, convenience of a pen & notepad, all wrapped up in one efficient, powerful, and extremely portable device. Once you stop seeing it as merely a smartphone; then you'll "get it".
  • looks like sammy is right on track to meet their goal of 10 million notes sold by years end.I love my note and could never go back to a smaller primary phone now
  • Hows the GPS on the Note? Serious question.. I have the Captivate. Put off the SGSII waiting on the SGSIII but considering the Note. My Cappy cant keep a lock and i shuts off after a full charge..
  • Gps works great. Only used it a couple times but had no problem. My previous phone was also a captivate so i am well aware of the horrible gps it had
  • I own a Galaxy Note, so let me explain it from the perspective of one who does "get it" (which is why I got it :))
    A tablet is too big. Even at 7 inches, I'm not going to carry it with me and, if I do, I'll constantly be setting it down. Yet I'd like to get nearly the same screen real-estate benefit in a package that's still small enough to fit into my shirt pocket. The Galaxy Note, with 1280x800 pixels on a 5.3 inch display makes it possible to see a lot without the standard pan and zoom that plagues me on other handhelds. Because it's a full-fledged 4G phone, it also means I can use WiFi when it's available, but I can still get relatively fast response most places (and really fast in quite a few as well).
    I'll have to admit, my manual extremities would do Hank McCoy proud, so the size isn't a problem for me. It doesn't look weird in my hand or held up to my ear. The Note is very thin too so, even though it's big side-to-side, it still fits nicely in a shirt pocket with room for a pen on the side.
    I've never really liked having a multiplicity of devices that all do similar things. I'd rather not have a smart-phone and a tablet and a laptop, etc, etc. The Note provides for most of my basic information/communication needs, leaving the desktop for the heavy lifting. Just today, I did some website updates using the note while eating lunch in a park. I wouldn't have even attempted that on a mere smartphone.